Friday, 12 June 2020

Year 1 Mathletics weekly results!

Year 1 Mathletics Update!

This week's results are in: 

Damson Class
Top Points:
Nipsung: 10,160 points 
Roan: 4,359 points

Most Hours:
Nipsung: 11hrs 24mins
Roan: 8hrs 39mins

Lime Class 
Top Points:
Shaheer: 3,270 points 
Sienna: 2,870 points

Most Hours:
Shaheer: 4hrs 24mins
Sienna: 2hrs 16mins

Juniper Class
Top Points:
Maninder: 5,914 points 
Samuel: 4,950 points

Most Hours:
Maninder: 12hrs 12mins
Uttkrisht: 5hrs 20mins

Well done to all children that worked hard on Mathletics this week! Keep working hard!