Monday, 22 June 2020

BNF Healthy Eating Week @ Home - get involved!

Good morning – it’s BNF Healthy Eating Week @ Home!

Th British Nutrition Foundation are encouraging everyone to get involved!

Why not take part in the daily challenges (below) or get cooking with their cook-a-longs
that will run at 10am and 2pm Monday-Friday?

To view the recipes, and to follow the cook-a-longs on YouTube, click here.

The aim of the Week is to encourage people of all ages to take part in a range of key health
challenges at home (or in nurseries, schools, universities or workplaces, where social distancing
measures allow).

There are seven health challenges (based on those identified for the main Week)
which will be supported by a range of evidence-based, easy to access resources.
The challenges are:
1.    Eat well
2.    Eat more wholegrains
3.    Have 5 A DAY
4.    Drink plenty
5.    Get active
6.    Be mind kind - help a friend or neighbour
7.    Make a change

For further details, including the challenges and resources, check out the Food A fact of Like website.