Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Kids Quiz 3 - Answers

Hello, here are your answers for the Kids Quiz 3!

Mark each answer with one point and add up your total at the end.

1. In Frozen, what is the name of Kristoff's reindeer? Sven
2. What is the name of Harry Potter's pet owl? Hedwig
3. Where is the Polar Express going? North Pole
4. The Lorax is based on a book by which Author? Dr Seuss
5. What kind of animal is Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia? Lion
6. Which film is Spider Pig from? The Simpsons Movie
7. What kind of animal is Manny from Ice Age? Mammoth
8. In Monsters Inc, who is big and tall with blue fur and purple spots? Sulley
9. Who is Wreck It Ralph's enemy? Fix it Felix
10. What do the penguins from Happy Feet love to do? Dance

General Knowledge:

1. How many sides does an octagon have? 8 
2. What is the 5th planet from the sun? Jupiter
3. What does 'WWW' mean? World Wide Web
4. Where is the Coliseum? Rome, Italy 
5. What did Humpty Dumpty fall from? A wall
6. Fill in the blank: The Lion, The Witch and.... The Wardrobe
7. How many days are there in February? 28 or 29 when it's a leap year
8. What is the yellow part of an egg called? yolk
9. The word feline relates to what animal? cat
10. What is the capital city of Spain? Madrid


Here are some jumbled up TV titles. Can you figure them out?
1. EPPAP IGP - Peppa Pig
2. RAUTHR - Arthur
3. BSONPGOBE NSTQPAUERAS - Spongebob Squarepants
4. JINNGOA - Ninjago
5. IHBOLRREB TSIHROSIE - Horrible Histories 

How many did you get right? 

Your total should be out of 25. 

Well done for taking part, let's see if you can beat your score next week! 

The Kids Quiz 4 will be posted on Friday so keep a look out!

Miss Haigh 

Year 2 Class Teacher