Monday, 29 June 2020

Year 1 New Mathletics Weekly Champions!

Year 1 Mathletics Scores!

Drum roll please….

Damson Class
Top Points:
Felix: 3,890 points 
Joseph: 3,686 points

Most time:
Joseph: 5hrs 56mins
Felix: 3hrs

Lime Class 
Top Points:
Leroy: 3,090 points 
Sienna: 1,370 points

Most time:
Leroy: 1hrs 47mins
Sienna: 1hrs 42mins

Lemon Class
Top points and most time:
Medina: 1300 points and 2hrs 2mins

Juniper Class
Top Points:
Aashmeen: 5,310 points
Sarah: 5,258 points 

Most time:
Sarah: 7hrs 36mins
Uttkrisht: 4hrs 25mins

Fantastic effort from all of the children above, and to the rest of you, keep up the hard work to see if you top the leader board next week!