Thursday, 18 June 2020

Bubble 1B grow a rainbow!

Year 1 have been very excited about returning to school. They have been so grown up and sensible keeping their distance from their friends. The children have enjoyed being over at Manor Way and learning in a Year 4 classroom, some even saying they wish they were in Year 4!

Today we carried out an experiment which continues the children's topic of weather and seasonal changes. We worked scientifically to predict and test what would happen when we dipped a rainbow in water. Lots of the children said they thought the colours would grow up the rainbow and some said they thought the water would become colourful. 

We were right! 

If you would like to carry out this experiment you will need:
  • Kitchen roll/toilet roll
  • Felt tip pens (the colours of the rainbow)
  • Two small bowls of water
What to do:

1.     Cut the kitchen roll into the shape of a rainbow.

2.    At each end of your rainbow, use pens to colour a rainbow about 2cm up from the bottom. Remember the order the colours of the rainbow.

3.    Attach the paperclip to the top of the rainbow and tie a piece of thread to it. This will help you to hold your rainbow/paperclip.

4.    Add water to two bowls and space apart.

5.  Hold the rainbow with both ends slightly dipped into each bowl of water. Now watch your rainbow grow!