Thursday, 18 June 2020

Here we go! Year 1 Mathletics Scores!

Year 1 Mathletics Scores!

This week's exciting results are we go!

Damson Class
Top Points:
Joseph: 4,358 points 
Felix: 4,140 points

Most time:
Joseph: 4hrs 1mins
Asaru: 3hrs 51mins

Lime Class 
Top Points:
Shaheer: 2,860 points 
Sienna: 2,780 points

Most time:
Shaheer: 3hrs 48mins
Sienna: 3hrs 26mins

Juniper Class
Top Points:
Samuel: 4,960 points 
Uttkrisht: 3,469 points

Most time:
Uttkrisht: 5hrs 6mins
Samuel: 3hrs 28mins

Well done to all children that worked hard on Mathletics this week! Keep working hard! Let's see Lemon on the leader board next week too!