Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Kids Quiz - Round 2 - ANSWERS

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine and are keeping safe!

Well done if you have managed to find the answers to the quiz, I hope you're enjoying them!

Here are the answers. Remember to score yourself one point for each correct answer and then find your total by adding together each round.

General Knowledge
1. What is Dr Who's time machine called? - The Tardis 
2. What date in November is Bonfire night celebrated? 5th November 
3. Where is the Great Barrier Reef? Australia 
4. Which fairy tale character has really long hair? Rapunzel 
5. What colour is a giraffe's tongue? Blue 
6. What colour is made when blue and yellow paint is mixed together? Green
7. Which is the odd one out? a. England b. France c. Dublin d. Spain - Dublin is the odd one out because it is a city, not a country!
8. How many years are in a century? 100
9. What type of word describes a noun? An adjective (I hope you all got this one!)
10. What is a baby pig called? Piglet 

Film Titles
Can you create these famous film titles by adding in missing letters?

1. _V_NG_RS (one word) Avengers
2. _ _AR      _AR_ (two words) Star Wars 
3. _ _NG_E      B_ _K (two words) Jungle Book 
4. T_E     IN_R_ _IB_E_ (two words) The Incredibles 
5. _R_ZE_ (one word) Frozen 
6. _UN_     F_     P_N_A (three words) Kung Fu Panda 
7. T_O_ _ S (one word) Trolls
8. S_N_ (one word) Sing
9. SH_ E _ (one word) Shrek 
10. I_E   _G_ (two words) Ice Age

Animal Riddles
1. I am an insect with red wings and black spots. What am I? Ladybird 
2. I am the king of the jungle. What am I? Lion
3. I am large, heavy and grey. I also have a long trunk. What am I? Elephant
4. I move slowly and have long claws. You'd find me in a tree. What am I? Sloth
5. I am beautifully patterned. I have a long neck and a blue tongue. What am I? Giraffe (this may have helped you with another question above!)
6. I am colourless and enjoy eating bamboo. What am I? Panda
7. I am tall and like to jump. I come from down under. What am I? Kangaroo
8. I have sharp, spiky teeth and enjoy swimming in the deep ocean. What am I? Shark
9. I waddle around and live in cold climates. What am I? Penguin
10. I am small and cute and I have long spikes all over my body. You could find me in the woods. What am I? Hedgehog

How did you do?
I hope you enjoyed the second quiz! 

There will be another quiz posted on Friday! Keep your eyes peeled!

Miss Haigh
Year 2 Class Teacher