Tuesday, 28 February 2017

World Book Day Activities

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week the children at Bannockburn have already started celebrating World Book Day (2nd March). Across both sites, the children are engaging in a variety of different activities. Please see below a list of some of the activities taking place this week:
  • Decoration of Classroom Doors - taking place across both sites
  • Photos of Reading in Different Locations Competition - deadline for entries is tomorrow (1st March) 
  • Dress up as a Book Character (Friday 3rd March) - children (and teachers) can come to school dressed up as a book character. There will be a £10 book voucher for the most original costume per year group.
  • World Book Day Book Quiz - undertaken in individual classes
  • Whole School Big Write (Key Stage 2 only) - a suspense opener will be read by Mr Cooper during Achievement Assembly on Friday.
  • Bruce Bogtrotter (from Roald Dalh's Matilda) Chocolate Cake - Miss Hartley will be making this cake with some children in the community kitchen
  • Readathon - for more information go to http://www.readathon.org/
  • Big Book Swap - Thursday 2nd March after school - taking place on the playgrounds at both High St and Manor way

Monday, 27 February 2017

Achievement Assembly - MW site

Congratulations to all the children who were recognised for their achievements at last Friday's Achievement Assembly at Manor Way.

Bannockburn Bistro - Manor Way

Miss Huntington served the latest invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro on the Manor Way site!

Year 6 enjoying Lunchtime

Lunchtimes at Bannockburn are great fun- our outdoors apparatus is particularly popular. You can see some of our Year 6 pupils testing their strength by seeing how long they can hold themselves up on the wooden posts!

Year 6 Aspen Class - The Daily Mile

As part of our commitment to becoming a healthier school, Aspen are taking part in the 'Daily Mile'. Each day, we spend fifteen minutes running, jogging or walking- the only rule is we have to keep moving for the full fifteen minutes. We keep count of how far we have run and each day we try to beat our top score.

Sometimes, adults around school join in- you can see some of us racing Paul on the playground!

Year 6 Aspen - Developing our writing skills as a team

We have been busy finishing our biography writing this week; we have been writing about BBC star Steve Backshall.

As part of the writing process, we have been working with a critical friend to give and receive feedback on our writing. This has helped us to identify areas for development- we are getting really good at giving helpful and specific feedback too!

Nursery - We're Going on a Treasure Hunt

This week we started to explore our new topic book, 'The Night Pirates'. Click on the link to watch a video of the story:

We drew our own treasure maps and went on a treasure hunt in the Forest School.

We identified the different shapes of treasure and placed them in the treasure chest.

We helped the Captain to count how many pieces of treasure we found altogether.

Captain Miss Dadds then challenged us to climb across her ship without falling in.

Be careful of the sharks and crocodiles in the water!

Year 2 Sycamore Class - PE & Pollinating Bees!

Our current Rainforest topic has got us learning all about plants! 

In PE this week we have learnt how bees help to pollinate flowers. Some of us pretended to be bees, thinking of different ways to travel and move whilst collecting pollen from the plants. 

Can you guess who were the Venus fly traps?

Reception Apple Tree Class - How to Grow a Dinosaur

Apple Tree Class
This week we have been reading our new topic book, 'How to grow a Dinosaur' and looking at the different types of dinosaurs that existed millions of years ago. We researched the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Pterodactyl and Diplodocus and found out as many facts as we could before drawing and writing about them in our special work books.
We also used some 2-D shapes to create pictures of different types of dinosaurs.
Can you guess which dinosaurs they are?

Year 2 Cedar Class - Bee Bots

Cedar Tree Class have been investigating 2-D shape properties. We have used Bee Bots to follow shape properties and used them to draw 2D shapes.

Year 5 Orchard Class - Fantastic Musical Tales

Year 5 carried on with their exploring of Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique today.

Storms, Aliens, Monsters, King's, Queens .... imaginations were in overdrive!
We wrote down a place, character, weather, time of day, adjectives and colours, which the music made us think of.
We then used those words to make short stories or poems.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Letter of Recognition - Dept of Education

Bannockburn has been recognised by the Department of Education for coming within the top 3% of schools in England in terms of the progress our children make. Well done to all the teachers who have made this achievement possible. 

Spanish club's latest song! Year 2 and Years 5/6

This term in Spanish club Year 2 are going to be learning the Spanish words for different kinds of food and Year 5 and 6 will also be learning this vocabulary, plus some verb phrases to describe their eating habits... Here's the fabulously catchy song "Tengo, tengo, tengo hambre!" which we sang along to this week - join in if you can!!

Year 5 learning about Sikhism

In Year 5 this term we have been exploring Sikhism. On the last Friday of term, we were visited by some guests from the local Sikh community, who discussed the importance of Sikhism in their life. We found out about the daily routines Sikhs follow to ensure they are following the values of their religion respectfully. Moreover, the visitors bought along significant Sikh objects that held an important role in their religion; these items where the 5Ks, which some of us had the chance to wear! It was great to listen to the values that Sikhs hold close to their hearts and how the 5K’s really support the foundations of their faith. We asked questions about Sikhism to broaden our understanding of the values people from the Sikh religion have; also, we identified how other faiths have values that they hold strongly and how this is similar for those in the Sikh faith.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

World Book Day - Dress Up Day

To celebrate World Book Day we are inviting all the children to come to school dressed as a character from a favourite book on Friday 3rd March.

For more information about World Book Day please check out the official website.

World Book Day - Photo Competition

To celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March, Bannockburn Primary has launched a competition to children in all year groups. We would like the children to take a photograph of themselves reading a book in an unusual setting. Photographs will need to be printed and then handed in your child's class teacher. The deadline for sending in entries is Wednesday 1st March. The winner will be announced on Thursday 2nd March (World Book Day). 

For a little bit of inspiration, please see some photos below of some teachers here at Bannockburn who have been spotted reading their favourite book...

 Miss Ansell

 Miss Bethell

 Miss Hartley

 Mr Cooper

 Mr Reynolds

Mrs Stone

Happy End of Term - Year 3 Greek Day

What a fun day we had in Year 3 today!

It was Greek Day!

Today, we enjoyed making healthy and delicious Greek salads...

and tasting them of course!

We also wrote in role as an Olympic athlete, then held our own Olympic flames...

and as always, we all enjoyed wearing fabulous costumes (even the teachers!)

Thank you to the effort you have put in this term, particularly with your Greek temples, which were part of your homework tasks and your perseverance learning to sew in DT.

Great work Year 3!

Year 2 Sycamore Class - 3D Challenge

This week in Sycamore class we were set a maths challenge! We had to make as many 3-D shapes as we could using only marshmallows and sticks. We made pyramids, cubes, cuboids and even a hexagonal prism as a challenge!