Friday, 29 May 2020

Parent Support Group

For parents/ carers with children with additional needs such as ASD, ADHD or Global Developmental Delay, this is an open format that allows for parents and carers to come with questions, challenges and successes to share with the group. 
It gives parents/carers a chance to speak with each other in an open, safe space.

Year One Mathletics Update

Mathletics Update 

So this week's results are in: 

Damson Class
Nipsung has been online for 7hrs and 8mins and gained 5530 points.
Roan has been online for 3hrs and 37mins and gained 3640 points. 

Damson Class have a total of 16hrs amnd 53mins online, Well done Damson! 

Lemon Class
Avery has been online for 2hrs 16mins and gained 2490 points.
Kiara has been online for 10mins and gained 100 points.

Lemon Class have a total of 2hrs and 29mins online. 

Well done Lemon! 

Lime Class 
Sienna has been online for 47mins and gained 290 points.
Alby has been online for 25mins and gained 270 points. 

Lime Class have been online for a total of 1hr 20mins.

Well done Lime! 

Juniper Class
Samuel has been online for 2hrs and 51mins and gaind 2703 points.
Maninder has been online for 6hrs and 52mins and gained 2571 points. 

Juniper Class have been online for a total of 15hrs and 46mins.

Well done Juniper! 

Well done Year One, keep up the hard work and we will check again next week to see what you have been up to. 

Take care, stay safe and have fun! 

Reception - Cherry Class Home Learning

This Reception child has been busy doing a variety of activities at home. 

We love the rainbow shapes and caterpillar.

Keeping in Touch (online)

These children in Reception from different classes have been keeping in touch with each other online. 

What a fantastic idea!

Rainbow Art Work from Apple Tree

Some more lovely rainbow art work related to Arts Weeks!

How cool is the giant Hungry Caterpillar on the fence?

Apple Tree at Home Learning

This child in Reception has been busy doing a range of things related to the Arts Weeks rainbow focus. We love the rainbow wheels on the car!

Reception Orange Class - Arts Weeks Learning

Look at what this child in Reception has been doing at home. Lovely links to rainbows, especially the rainbow numbers to 100!

Year 5 - Arts Weeks

Arts Weeks - Year 5

There have been some more fantastic examples of artwork happening in Year 5. Well done to all of you who have been busy creating at home and thank you to those of you who have shared what you have produced - we love looking at what you have achieved!

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing- 10

What are you doing to look after the mental health and wellbeing of you and your family?

BelievePerform on Twitter: "15 tips to develop good mental health… "

Have you tried any of these recently?

  1. Leave happy notes for someone else to find in your house. 
  2. Call a relative or friend who is far away and have a chat with them. 
  3. Write down five things you are grateful for. 
  4. Visit a virtual museum! Go online and explore the collections online.
  5. Say something positive to everyone in your household today. 
  6. Do a chore in the house without being asked to do it. 
  7. Listen to your favourite song and dance around the room. 
  8. Play a game that you haven’t played in a while. 
  9. Think about two role models in your life. Why do they inspire you? 
  10. Create a postcard for somewhere you have previously visited 
  11. Sit down in a silent room and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes. 
  12. Write down 5 things you are thankful for in your life. 
  13. Watch a film with a family member and make sure you turn your phones/ tablets off. 
  14. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight. Note how you feel the next day. 
  15. Draw a picture of what you see in your garden or out of your window.
  16. Do at least 30 minutes of a new type of exercise.

Remember, learning comes in all shapes and sizes. Many of which help our understanding of the world and keep us more settled and content.

Everyday Activities That Count as Learning :) – Mrs. Kubert's SXI ...

For more ideas go to-

But Wait There is More from Reception...

More lovely rainbow artwork from Apple Tree Class! 

Reception - Apple Class Arts Weeks at Home

It is all about rainbows at this child's house in Reception. We are loving all the fantastic art work coming in!

Arts Weeks learning continues in Year 4...

The Year 4 teachers have been excited to see the artwork continue to pour in. It has been great to see what you have all been doing at home over the half term! Take a look at our online gallery of work.

Priteana has found and gathered all the orange items in her house!

She also used the layering technique we used in the Autumn Term to create this beautiful sunset! 

This girl has drawn and coloured a very friendly looking tiger! I wonder if the tiger has a name? 

Soraya has created this beautiful heart using things she found on a nature walk with her family!

Adam made this chicken picture from recycled materials!

This girl has mixed coloured to make this picture.

Remember Arts Weeks continues the first week after half term. We will look forward to seeing more great work from you all!