Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Get Active with the Street Tag Initiative!

Exciting news! 
 Greenwich Get Active Street Tag

The 'Street Tag' initiative has arrived in Greenwich to support our school in keeping our children and families active remotely, making active travel plans fun and engaging. Street Tag is an app-based family-friendly game that turns our local area into a virtual playground to earn rewards for physical activity. It’s a great way to stay active and explore our local parks and green spaces over the holidays! 

 Please see the information below along with our school's QR code to get started.

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Dear Parent/Carer,

Following Bannockburn being placed in the top three schools in the Greenwich Virtual Competition, we have another fantastic opportunity for you to get active and help us to secure the top spot this summer. 

Street Tag is a free child and family-friendly mobile application that uses virtual tags to incentivise communities and families to take part in physical activity and boost mental health. 

The Street Tag app allows you to collect points assigned to virtual tags around your community. Once you are within a 40-meter radius of any virtual tag, your app will automatically collect points. Your steps can also be synced and converted into Street Tag points. These points add up in real-time on your school’s leaderboard, with prizes to be won at the end of each season. You can also create new tags on your preferred walking, running, or cycling route. 

If you use the Street Tag 'Power Hour' and commit to an hour of exercise 24 hours in advance, your tag points collected during that hour will be tripled.
Below are the video links to learn more about the program and the App: 

Steps to join your School Team 
Download the App “Street Tag” from Play Store/ App Store. 
Click on Sign up. 
Fill in your details.  
Password should be at least 8 characters with 1 special character, 1 upper case, and 1 number.  
Click YES for Team QR Code. 
Scan the school QR Code (at the top of this page). 
Click Sign Up 
Verify either by email or phone number. 
Fill in the questionnaire. 
You are ready to go.

Tips for Parents/Guardians to add a child to a parent account
1. Make sure your child has an email ID.
2. A parent can add a max of 2 children as players C1 and C2.
3.  Go to settings, select the ‘add a child’ option.
4.  Fill in all the details to add a player. 
5. Go to the main menu on the Street Tag app, click on Settings, then go to the Profile option.
6. Select add C1 and C2 options.
Once a child is added as a player. You can see the C1/ C2 option on the main screen. 
While tagging with your children, please click on C1/C2 to scan a tag for them.