Friday, 14 February 2020

Proud Acer Artists!

Acer class are so pleased with their art collages based on Peter Thorpe’s artwork. They look so effective!

Take a look at our masterpieces made using mixed media. We flicked paint for our backgrounds, made tissue paper textured planets and then drew our rockets in chalk. 

Check out our work and compare it to Peter’s rockets! What do you think?!

Always Club at Manor Way

Two children from each year group were chosen to attend Always Club today. Children are chosen by the class teachers due to consistently showing the school's values throughout the week. Always Club is usually led by either Mr Moore or Miss Craig. This afternoon the children spent some time out on the playground playing PE games, followed by some snacks back in Woodlands Room.

Nursery - Acorn Tree go hunting for houses

Last week Acorn Tree went out on a trip to the local area. We went in search of different housing types as part of our topic: Where People Live

With a little support from our teachers and parent/carer helpers, we noticed terraced houses, flats and even semi-detached houses!

Some of us were able to identify the different shapes that we could see in the form of windows, doors and roofs.

Off to the market Pear Tree go!

On Thursday Pear Tree visited Woolwich Market as part of our 'Healthy Eating' topic. 

We were all very excited to get the bus and had to think about our learning from the week about crossing the road safely. Stop, look, listen and think. We made sure that we held our partners hand and waited for the green man before we could cross the road.

When we arrived at the market there was such a variety of fruit. It was difficult to decide what to buy.

Miss Brownless got out our shopping list which we made during our Literacy lesson. We choose to buy some bananas, strawberries, raspberries and melons.

When we arrived back to school we all had a turn at cutting up the fruit so we could make delicious smoothies.

Reception - Apple Tree visit Woolwich Market

This week, Apple Tree visited Woolwich Market as part of our 'Healthy Eating' topic. We were so excited to get the bus and we were sensible when crossing the road. We made sure that we held our partners had and waited for the green man before we could cross.

When we got to the market we had a look at all the fruit and thought about the shopping list we made during our Literacy lesson. We choose to buy some bananas, oranges, grapes, mango, plums and kiwi fruit. We handed over our money and took the fruit back to school.

When we got back we made a fruit salad. Some of us helped to chop the fruit and again were very sensible when we were using the equipment. Our fruit salad was so tasty.

What are your favourite fruits?

Achievement Assembly at Manor Way

Congratulations to all the children who were celebrated in today's Achievement Assembly on the Manor Way site. Today's assembly was led by Madame Seaton, as part of French Day here at Bannockburn Primary School.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Watercolours in Year 5

Year 5 Rowan class have been looking at seascapes in Art. Using different watercolour techniques, such as blotching, the children created their own seascape watercolour paintings, based upon artwork by the artist, Jason Skill.

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated Safer Internet Day!

Digital technologies provide us with a world of possibilities. We can use the internet to learn, create and engage with family and friends. It is important that we all understand the risks involved and how to minimise them so we learnt all about how to be safe on the Internet!

We want the Internet to be a safe place for everyone to be themselves. We came up with some rules on how to keep safe:

1.  Never share your personal information.
2.  Make sure your privacy settings are turned on.
3.  Ask your parents or adults for permission to go online.
4.  Ask your parents or another responsible adult for permission before you post something.
5.  If you see or read something you do not like, tell an adult immediately.
6.  Only talk to people you know.

We then drew pictures about our identity to illustrate what a better internet could look like. We also talked about how we all have the right to be ourselves online and should feel safe to do so #freetobe

Basketball Trip to Shooters Hill Sixth Form College

On Tuesday 11th February, a group of Year 4 and 5 students had the chance to go to a basketball workshop at Shooter's Hill Sixth Form College. 

They practised lots of ball skills and learned some new drills. After shooting some hoops, they had lots of great ideas to take back to share at school!

Safer Internet Day @ Bannockburn

As today is Safer Internet Day, the digital leaders held an assembly to the whole of KS2 at Manor Way. The theme of the assembly was 'identity'. Whilst looking at how we can stay safe online, we also looked at the dangers to being online.

Throughout this week, children will be engaging in activities in their classes to help them remember the risks and provide them with strategies to stay safe online. Remember we have a choice! Make it a good one.

Eco-Squad Plastic Fishing trip

On Wednesday 5th February, a group of children from CPL groups Eco-Squad, Junior Travel Ambassadors and Helping Others Team visited the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre near Canary Wharf, where we took part in a plastic fishing trip run by the Hubbub charity. Some travelled in the school minibus and others took bus, train and DLR (plus walking by the river side) to get there.

The aim was to help combat the global fight against ocean pollution, by fishing plastic and other waste out of the Thames before it reaches the oceans.

We had a workshop and safety talk, then put on our buoyancy aids and went out on the boats to the dock areas. We found a whole host of interesting items; items which should never have made their way into the river. Once back on dry land, we sorted the waste items out so that as many different pieces could be recycled as possible. 

Mrs Kimmins, a school governor who accompanied us on the trip, said:
"What a lovely trip to the Docklands water sports centre. Going in a boat around the canal was a new experience for a lot of the children and the eco message was amazing. Fishing out lots of single use plastic and other rubbish was eye opening for me and certainly sent the correct message to our children."

All of the children and adults who took part had an amazing time and would like to thank Hubbub UK for giving us such an exciting and rewarding opportunity.

Look at all the wonderful photos we took of our incredible outing!