Sunday, 29 September 2019

Always Club at Manor Way

Each Friday afternoon a selection of children are chosen for Always Club. Always Club is by invitation only and takes place at both High Street and Manor Way sites.

To gain an invitation to Always Club is easy. All you need to do is show as many of the School's Values as possible consistently throughout the week. Two children are chosen from each year group. 

Activities at Always Club vary each week. If the weather is sunny the group sometimes go outside; maybe go to the local park or have some fun in the Forest School. If the weather is a bit chilly the children stay indoors. This week the invited children from Manor Way had a lovely afternoon creating sculptures in clay. 

Year 2 - Squash and Courgette Curry

This week some children in Year 2 were lucky enough to make curry using ingredients grown in our very own garden. 

Here are some photos of us picking the produce and helping to make the curry. We were able to have a go at many skills including chopping, peeling, scooping and mixing and we thought the end result was delicious!

Troll stroll in Year 4

On Friday 27th September, children from Ash and Poplar classes got together for a Music lesson that left everyone with a smile! 

Children used the hall to learn about symphonic poems for orchestra. In particular, The Golden Spinning Wheel by Antonín Dvořák.

In this tale, a troll named Gnomus goes travelling through a forest. Children started by thinking about what a terrible troll might look like. We then learned to count and keep a steady beat of 6, which we actually found easier by counting in French!

Once we had a steady rhythm, groups of children got into lines and used their counting and skipped beats to create a Troll Stroll that Gnomus might be seen doing through the Forest.

The results were hilarious! Despite having some 'terrifying' creatures in front of them, children still managed to keep it together and count a steady beat!

Eco Squad's first meeting of the year

On Friday 27th September Eco Squad members from the Manor Way site met to discuss what environmental issues we can focus on this year.

The first thing discussed was single-use plastic bottles; Eco Squad visited the Manor Way classrooms to do a spot-check and found over 40 single-use plastic water bottles being used in classrooms. We discussed the benefits of buying a reusable bottle made from more durable plastic that can be used for many many years.


The next thing we discussed was litter in the local Plumstead area; we hope to do litter picks in the local area in the near future to help keep our community clean and tidy, so today we had a quick practice in the playground picking up leaves (before the rain came!)

Year 5 - sundials

The rain stopped just in time for us to test our sundials! We will need to use them again next week to check their accuracy. Do you know how a sundial works? Ask a member of Year 5 if you would like to find out...

Year 5 Maple Class trip to Greenwich Park

As part of the Year 5 PE curriculum linked to orienteering, Maple Class visited Greenwich Park to practise their skills in navigating the park using newly acquired orienteering skills. The visit was helped by having some late summer sunshine. And of course, there was a little bit of time to relax and enjoy the newly updated Children's Playground area.

Friday, 27 September 2019

A Visitor to Year 1

Mrs Travis was kind enough to bring in her pet giant African snail Sid, before his hibernation begins in October. The children really enjoyed holding him and they asked lots of questions about how to look after him.