Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Perimeter in Year 4 Poplar Class!

Poplar Class have been measuring length in centimetres and millimetres and then using our knowledge of length to calculate perimeter. 

To find the perimeter of a shape you need to add all the lengths around the outside together! We used Rally Coach to coach our partners to calculate perimeter. 

Then, we created the letters in our name using squared paper so we could investigate perimeter further!

Have a try yourself at home! Remember the squared paper we have is 1cm long per square! Can you attempt other words?

Miss Bethell awarded the whole of Poplar Class a merit this week because she has been so impressed with how we have settled back into school this term. 

Enjoy the half term break and have a lovely, safe rest. You deserve it!

Year 5 - Homework Celebration

The Year 5 Team have been so impressed with the effort made with homework this half term.

Many children have created:

- Maths games

- Weekly food diaries

- Adventure stories

- Non-chronological reports

- Cave paintings

- Stone Age dwellings

Well done to everyone who has collected 10 points!

Here are some photos of the Stone Age dwellings that the children proudly showed in assembly.

Nursery enjoy sensory play

 In the last week before the half term break Acorn and Conker in Nursery were exploring pumpkins! We gathered some utensils and scooped and scraped out their insides. Some of us even used our hands to feel the different textures!

"It's all yucky!"

"It's all a mess!"

"It's a little bit slimy."

"I can feel it a bit soft and squidgy."

"I'm putting a face in it."

Parachutes with Year 1 Lime Class!

During the last week before the half term break in Lime Class, we were excited because we were making our own parachutes. 

Firstly, we thought about the best materials to use for our parachutes. We needed them to be waterproof so on Monday tested some materials to see whether they absorbed the water. From the experiment, we agreed that plastic would be the best material to use. We wanted the material to be waterproof and lightweight so it would float down to the ground. 

We then began designing our parachute. We drew a picture and thought about the materials we were going to use and how we were going to make them. We had so much fun making them! We made sure to cut equal pieces of string and tied them to each corner of the plastic. We used scissors and masking tape to help us. Once the string had been knotted together, we attached our person to the end. We loved playing with the parachutes outside and watching them float to the bottom. 

What material would you use for your parachute?

Year 2 - Super Scientists in Sycamore Class

This first half term in Science we have been learning about the human body. We wanted to investigate what sugar can do to our teeth  To do this we used eggs, as the shells are similar to the enamel on teeth. We put them in different drinks (Coke, orange juice, milk and water) and left them for a week. Before carrying out the investigation we predicted what each drink would do to the eggs, and after we looked at the results we wrote a conclusion to explain what we had found out.  Here are some pictures of the work we did.

Friday, 23 October 2020

Today's Achievement Assemblies

Have a look at some of the children who were celebrated in our Achievement Assemblies across both High Street and Manor Way.