Monday, 20 May 2019

Bicycle Smoothies - Walk to School Week

On Friday the children enjoyed themselves making smoothies by riding a bicycle to generate the energy to power the blenders. Mrs Seaton was at hand to give the children guidance on what makes a healthy smoothie. 

Friday's event was to kickstart 'Walk to School Week', which starts today. We are encouraging the children to switch from using a car or bus to walking to school. Or if your journey is too long to walk, why not park your car a couple of streets away from school and walk the remainder of the journey.

Not only is it much healthier to walk but it also reduces the level of toxic fumes emitted from all the cars dropping off/collecting children outside the school gates.

Achievement Assemblies

A huge well done to all the children across both High St and Manor Way sites who were celebrated in last Friday's Achievement Assemblies.

High St site

Manor Way site

Gardening at High Street

We have had another enjoyable but busy week in our garden!

We were very excited to pull up these radish our first produce of the year!

Our cucumbers and courgettes are growing in our potting shed.

We have been working as a team to keep our garden tidy and pull up all the weeds.

We work with our friends to water all of the plants.

"I love the smell of the mint."

Hip, hip hooray for Superworm!

Acorn Class spent the day in Forest School taking party in various activities linked to our topic book 'Superworm.'

'The caterpillars fetch some leaves, while busily the spider weaves.' 

We created a trap for Wizard Lizard.


Super treasure. Something beautiful, yucky, wet, smooth and shiny.

We built  a spider's web.

'Beetle's fallen in the well! Is she drowning? Who can tell?'  

We saved the beetle from the well as Superworm the fishing line.

We moved like different mini-beasts from the story.

 'Baby toad, has hopped onto a major road.'

We worked together as a team to transport the hula-hoop down the line, whilst holding hands.

We jumped across the river, by only using the lily pads.

We travelled across the apparatus without dropping Superworm.

Superworm the hula-hoop.

Superworm the hat.

Nursery - Conker Class Superworm Day

Today was Superworm Day! 

We made Superworm hats and sang minibeast related songs and nursery rhymes.

In the Forest School we played some Superworm games.

We did a treasure hunt and looked for beautiful, yucky and small items.

We made a spider's web using sticks.

We also wiggled like caterpillars, balancing sticks and leaves on our heads and backs!