Friday, 23 December 2016

Nursery - Singing at St Nicholas Church

On Monday 19th December the children in Nursery invited their parents/carers along to St Nicholas Church to sing some festive Christmas carols. As well as singing the lyrics, the children also learnt some sign language for the words.

Year 3 Pine - Visit to St Nicholas Church

As part of our RE learning on Christianity, we visited The Revd Canon Stevens at Nicholas Church, Plumstead, to find out more about the church and its role in the local community. The Revd Canon Stevens gave us a tour of the church and allowed us to interview him.

Year 2 - The Great Fire of London!

This term Year 2 learnt about the Great Fire of London. To celebrate our learning we built houses out of recycled materials and re-enacted the Great Fire to show how quickly the fire would have spread!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Choir sing at the Mayor's Christmas Party

A week of Christmas performances (x6 nativities and x2 KS2 singing spectaculars!) finished with the choir being invited to sing for the Mayor's Christmas party at Woolwich Town Hall on Friday evening.

It's the third time this year that the children have met the Mayor - and I think it's safe to say that he gets on with them as much as they get on with him.  

The children sang beautifully and the audience were full of praise.


Year 5 Orchard - Festive jumpers in Orchard Class

Orchard Class were in the festive spirit with their jumpers this week! 

                                      How many festive creatures can you spot?

Year 5 Orchard Class - Parachutists at top speed!

Orchard class have learning about forces in Science this term. We investigated air resistance on parachutes and made our own to test. We tested three different sizes – small, medium and large. 

We understood the role of air resistance from our investigation and recognised that surface area affects the speed at which objects fall.

 Can you guess which one was the fastest?

Year 5 Trip to Maritime Museum

Year 5 are learning about the Titanic this term and went on a trip to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The children learnt about the lives of those that were at sea and had a look around to explore what we would come across on deck.



We took part in interactive activities that made us feel like we were on board; we were able to use signalling that was used at sea, such as Morse Code and flag texting.We familiarised ourselves with what a kitchen and a boiler room would have been like on a ship too!

We experienced what it felt like to load cargo on a boat to keep it balanced. We carefully took turns in using a crane to lift and lower the cargo onto a boat. We tried to keep this levelled and soon found out that this was not as easy as it looked!

Can you spot any crew members from Bannockburn?

Christmas Present Campaign - Plumstead Police

On Monday 5th December PC Iain came along to visit the children on both sites to collect all the Christmas presents donated by the children. Each year the local police officers from Plumstead Police Station undertake a campaign to collect as many toys as possible to give to children in Plumstead who would not normally receive anything.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Reception - Enjoying Christmas dinner!

This week Apple, Cherry, Orange and Pear all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner. We all designed our own party hats to wear for the occasion and showed them off to one another. 

After sharing our creations, our adults all served us delicious food, which we all ate with glee. 


Year 6 - Science in Elder Class

In Elder class this half term, we have been investigating sound and the anatomy of the ear. We have designed and conducted an investigation into how the tautness of an elastic band can affect the pitch of the sound. We worked tirelessly to create a method that had sequential steps and was easy to follow. Many great examples of adverbials of time were included!

Year 2 - Christmas Jumper Day in Sycamore!

There was plenty of Christmas cheer in Year 2 Sycamore class today and some amazing Christmas jumpers too, for National Christmas Jumper Day! We even had a competition to design our very own Xmas tops! Ho! Ho! Ho!


High Street's Wall of Kindness

Our value this month is Kindness at High Street. We have been thinking about how we show kindness to each other. We have made a Kindness Wall with all of the ways we have been to kind to each other.

Final Achievement Assemblies of 2016

Today was the last of our Achievement Assemblies for 2016 across both High St and Manor Way. A huge well done for all the children recognised this week. I'm sure we will have many more children to celebrate in our Achievement Assemblies in 2017!

Year 2 Nativity - Lights, Camel, Action!

Year 2 performed their Christmas Nativity;

Lights, Camel Action!

They worked extremely hard, learning all their lines and songs and performing it to the parents! Year 2 really enjoyed showing you all the final production and hope you enjoyed it as well!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

High Street Christmas Dinner

The children at  High Street enjoyed their Christmas Dinner this week! They especially enjoyed clearing their plates of all food including the gravy!

Merry Christmas!