Thursday, 30 April 2020

KS2 - How NOT to go to School

Why not have a read of this brilliant online book - How NOT to go to school
If you would like to, write a review and send it to

Having Fun at Home

A pupil in Orange Tree (Reception) has been very busy at home doing a variety of activities.  That ice cream looks delicious!

Active Maths for Year 1 and 2

Hello Year 1 and 2,

Below are some fun active maths activities you can try to complete at home. 

They are from Active Me 360. The website has other activities you can try out at home too!

We hope you are keeping safe and staying well. Remember to email your work to

We love hearing from you at home. 

The KS1 Teachers

Fun maths activities for Year 3 and Year 4

Hi Year 3 and 4!

Below are some fun active maths activities you can try to complete at home. 

They are from Active Me 360. The website has other activities you can try out at home too!

Year 5 Online Learning

Hello Year 5,

It is time to announce who our online learning winners are this week. Drum roll please....!

1st place: Hawthorn 7hr 25 minutes

Reading Eggs
1st place: Rowan 10 hours

We are really pleased that some of you are accessing your online learning but would love to see more of you taking advantage of these resources. Did you know that, on Reading Eggspress, there is a library full of books that you can choose from?

A special thank you to Dylan in Rowan who sent in a brilliant piece of writing, explaining why he would not want to be one of the astronauts to travel to Mars. It's great to see what you are up to at home so please continue to send your learning in to

Here is a quick quiz for you to do. Each question is based on our topics from Year 5.
1. In what year did the Titanic set sail?
2. What was the Empire Windrush formally known as?
3. During WW2, who was instrumental in breaking the German Enigma code?
4. Can you unscramble the names of these planets? SARM       ITUERJP        UNSTRA

Take care,

The Year 5 Team

Advice and Support for Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

We wanted to write and tell you about a new national helpline we have found out about, which has been set up for parents and carers who may be struggling with home learning and managing their child’s behaviour during the Covid-19 crisis.

StarLine is run by a team of teachers and education and parenting experts, who will share tips and resources to help home learning. They will also provide advice to parents on how to structure the day and how to deal with difficult behaviour.

The confidential phone line will operate six days a week and it will cover all areas of the curriculum across all phases of education. The helpline will help parents and carers in the following ways:
  • By providing access to a team of qualified teachers, education and parenting experts.
  • By focusing on providing practical ideas, support and reassurance.
  • By offering tips, techniques and resources to enable parents and carers to give their children the support they need to continue learning while schools are closed.
  • By supporting family wellbeing and mental health.
  • By covering all phases of education and subjects plus behaviour, pupil wellbeing and SEND.
StarLine is available to parents and carers of pupils from all schools across the UK and the advice is free and confidential. Please do call them on 0330 313 9162 if you need assistance. For more information, visit or follow @StarLineSupport on Twitter.

The team behind StarLine will also be broadcasting a weekly programme on YouTube. In each episode of StarLive, a guest presenter will share practical ideas for home learning. 

Further details can be found on the StarLine website.

More Home Learning From Orange Tree

This pupil in Reception has been doing many fun activities at home. We love the leaf necklace!

At Home Learning with Apple Tree

Well done Apple Tree and thank you for all the amazing photos coming showing us what you have been doing at home. What a lovely card you have made!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Apple Tree Home Learning!

Here is another child from Apple Class, showing us what she has been getting up to at home this week. We love the card to your teacher!

Home Learning with a Pupil from Apple Tree (Reception)

Check out what a pupil in Apple Class has been doing while working at home. We especially love the card she has made for a friend in her class!

Orange Tree Class - Learning at Home

A child in Orange Tree has been very busy creating Space and Earth themed work. Check out that wonderful writing!

Apple Class - Learning at Home

A pupil in Apple Class (Reception) has been very busy at home dressing up as a doctor and making leaf decoarations.

Cooking at Home by Independent Catering

Message from Independent Catering, who provide Bannockburn's school meals.

I hope you are keeping well in these very difficult circumstances.

Some of our chefs have been keeping busy by cooking at home, some with their children. I have copied two YouTube links and posted them below where you can see some tasty and healthy recipes that maybe you can try at home with your family, if you are fortunate enough to have them around you.
Click on the videos below:

There are many more videos on our website just click on the link and click on ‘Chef Zone’. 

I hope you enjoy them and we are soon back in your kitchens making them for your students!
Please stay safe.

Kind Regards
Independent Catering Management Ltd

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Free Colouring Pages

The Entertainer Toy Store has lots of free colouring pages with well known popular children's characters.

Please click on the link below to take you to the website.

Pupil from Reception - Apple Class

Here is another child in Reception (Apple Class) showcasing his learning at home. We are loving the Pirate costume.

Some Activities to do at Home Lots of Activities related to BBC Planet Earth Lots of printable activities and games to do at home

Pupil from Apple Class - Reception

This pupil from Apple Class has been very busy working at home, keeping active and involving his family in all his activities. We particularly like the photo that shows him giving his dad directions when he is driving. No Satnav needed!