Tuesday 27 February 2024

Weighing it up in Reception

 In Reception we have been thinking about different types of measurement. At the moment we are focusing on weight and how we can measure it in different ways. We started by using balancing scales to see how many unifix cubes we needed to work out the weight of our classroom objects before using electronic scales to measure more accurately. 

Digital Leaders explore micro:bits

This week, our Digital Leaders became the first pupils to use our brand new set of micro:bits. These tiny, pocket-sized computers are a fantastic tool to allow children to get hands-on with Computing and technology. The children used the laptops to create name badges and then downloaded the coding to the micro:bits. They were also able to add music and sound effects to their badges. Amazing!

Monday 26 February 2024

Find the Troll!

 Year One were  shocked to discover that a troll had been in their playground during the half term. The troll was very angry and broke a chair and covered the classroom doors in slime. 

We discussed how we needed to catch the troll so enjoyed making some wanted posters. 

Troll Wanted!

 Year One are looking for a troll! On returning to school on Monday, Year One found some strange things! We found some broken chairs, enormous footprints, equipment all over the playground and even green slime on the doors! We received a message to say a troll had been spotted in another school and asked us to help them to find it. We have been thinking about how to create a wanted poster to ask others for help. We have made our own trolls, read the story Three Billy Goats Gruff and made props to help us retell the story and thought of lots of adjectives to describe trolls to use in our writing next week. 

Let us know if you see the troll!