Saturday, 21 May 2022

Year One visit Lesnes Abbey.

On Monday 16th May, Year One went on a trip to Lesnes Abbey. After taking the bus, we went through the woods to collect natural objects and see if we could identify any mammals, birds and mini beasts. We also ticked off any flowers and trees that we could see that we have been learning about in Science. Once we got to the ruins, we had fun exploring and finding different signs that were part of the abbey. We enjoyed playing in the grass before heading back to school. 

HIGH LOW FAST SLOW, Reception Music

Reception have been listening and reacting to music with the way they move. The show how slow or fast the music is with their feet. The hear high sounds and jump in air. They hear low sounds and touch the floor. Today, they made the material move in time to the music, and showed loud and quiet with it.

Circuit aerobics in Year 3!

This week, Chestnut class in Year 3 had lots of fun completing a circuit with 12 different stations. There was a mixture of aerobics exercises around the circuit that everyone had a go at. It was lovely to see children showing our school values of Perseverance and Resilience as they worked together supportively. 

Y3 Science - Dissecting Plants

 Year 3 Science

 Dissecting plants

This term, Year 3 have been learning about Plants. We have learnt about the different parts of a plant and have discussed about the functions of each part. As a class, we have looked at why plants are important and how they are useful for different things. For this lesson, we have used tweezers to dissect tulips to help us recognise the smaller parts of the flower and how bees use plants to pollinate.  

Year 2 - Learning about Explanation Texts

In Year 2, we have been learning about explanation texts. Today, we learnt about introductions and what they include. In groups we then has a go at writing our own introductions, using co-ordinating conjunctions to link our ideas. We then performed our introductions to the rest of our classes.