Friday, 3 December 2021

Merit Certificate Winners today at Manor Way

Here are some of the children who were awarded with a Merit Cerificate today due to the positive choices they have made throughout this week.

Bannockburn Bistro Today at Manor Way

Four children from Year 6 were invited to have lunch at the Bannockburn Bistro at lunchtime. Chosen for their lovely dining room manners throughout the week the four children were waited upon by Miss Simons and Miss Espinar!

Mini Chef- Healthy Eating Monitors

This week the healthy eating monitors in Year 2 took part in Mini Chef. They met on Tuesday to decide what they wanted to make and decided to make Sweet Potato Curry.

Here are some photos of the Healthy Monitors making the curry. 

Have you seen Mrs Seeranj's shopping list?


Over the past two days we have been doing some shopping for Mrs Seeranj who lost her shopping list!

We were given a budget of £10 and went on an online supermarket to order some items. We made a record of the items and their costs and added them all up to find the total cost. 

We then calculated what change we would receive from the shop if we paid with a £10 note. With the change, we went back to the shop and bought Mrs Seeranj a treat!

Colour Mixing with Year 1.

Over the last few weeks, Year One have been looking at a variety of artists who use lines in their work. We have experimented with different media to create a variety of lines. 

Today, we looked at an artist called Jasper Johns, who uses a lot of colour in his work. We discussed the three primary colours and how we can mix them together to make secondary colours. 

We created a colour wheel in our Art books using both primary and secondary colours. We now know that blue and red makes purple, yellow and red makes orange and finally that yellow and blue makes green. 

Year 4 Visit Greenwich Mandir

This week, our Year 4 classes visited a local Mandir to support out learning of the religion, Hinduism.
During our visit, Premila, a local Hindu worshipper, showed the children around the Mandir, giving them a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how Hindus across the globe follow their religion.
Year 4 children learnt about the many Hindu festivals, and the importance of different Hindu Gods.
They also witnessed members of the public greet the Hindu temple priest (The Pujari) with 'Namaste' - the Hindu greeting - as they came to worship.

Thursday, 2 December 2021

Nursery Christmas Performance

On Wednesday our Nursery children on the Manor Way site entertained their parents and carers with some beautiful singing of traditional Christmas carols.