Tuesday, 31 January 2023

Mini Chef - Year 2


Veggie Pitta Pizzas

For Mini Chef in Beech Tree, we made vegetable pitta pizzas. We used a range of our favourite vegetables including cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, mixed peppers and red onion. For the base we used tomato puree flavoured with garlic and used mozzarella cheese as one of the toppings.

Year 4 - Science - Producer, Predator or Prey?

In Science this week, we identified the main parts of a food chain: producers, prey and predators. We discussed that it is possible for an animal to be both a predator and prey. A mouse, for example, is a predator because it eats other animals, such as caterpillars.  It is also prey because it is eaten by other animals, such as foxes. After we discussed this, we worked in table groups to label animals that are fall into the predator/prey/producer and consumer categories. Finally, we worked collaboratively to map a food chain process and visited Forest School to take some photos.

Computing - Year 2


Computing in Year 2

In Year 2, we have linked our Science topic of Plants with our Computing lessons to create a document with research questions about things we would like to find out about plants.

Monday, 30 January 2023

Buying and selling extravaganza - Year 3

Today in the lodge, some children in Year 3, took part in a buying and selling activity. They sorted money into the correct values and used this money to buy different items. These included fruit, biscuits, balloons and drinks.

We had a fantastic time learning all about money! Yum!!!


Docklands at War- WWII Year 5

As part of our World War 2 topic, Year 5 visited the London Docklands Museum to see the Docklands at War exhibition. In doing this, the children were able to develop their learning through a hands-on approach. 

Seeing the artefacts was a fun experience for them. Exploring the Anderson and bomb shelters gave them a sense of how horrific life was during the Blitz. They were fascinated to learn about the destruction and damage caused to London's docks in World War 2. They also learned that the docks were the first target of the London Blitz.