Friday, 31 January 2020

Year 5 Mini-Chef - Maple Class

Today, the children in Year 5 Maple are busy making some delicious vegetarian chilli and chapattis. Chapattis are Indian flatbread. 

If you fancy a special treat for dinner today the food will be available to buy (£1.50 for a single portion or 4 portions for £5) on the Manor Way playground at home time.

MW Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to all the children who were celebrated in today's Achievement Assembly on the Manor Way site.

Year 4 Music Rhythms

Year 4 rhythms

We have been learning how to ask, and answer, questions in music. 

If the question was 'What is your favourite colour?', what would be a good answer? You could say 'Blue', but a longer answer could be 'My favourite colour is blue'.

Music works in the same way - If you ask a question, then the answer should refer to it!

We used Minims (stroll notes lasting 2 beats), Crotchets (walk notes lasting 1 beat), Quavers (running notes lasting half a beat) and our new rhythm, Semiquavers (fast notes!)

We created 4 bar question and answer phrases.

Can you count the beats in each bar?

Can you clap our rhythms?

Indigo and Emerald House Assemblies

This week Indigo and Emerald House Teams had their cross-site House Assemblies at the High Street Site. After a brisk walk over by the KS2 children from Manor Way, Indigo and Emerald House Assemblies were led by Mr Griffiths and Mrs Sammarco, who wore her super special, spangly emerald jacket!

Mr Griffiths told Indigo all about a young blind pianist who has overcome his sight problems to become a famous, inspiration musical genius! The children got to watch a video of his amazingly impressive skills and talked about they can use him as inspiration for their dreams and aspirations.

Mrs Sammarco shared different things and people who inspire her, and reminded the children how they can inpsire her with their running by taking part in the annual Fun Run on Sunday 29th March. She also announced an art competition (she is inspired by lots of artists) to design a masterpiece for the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square - ask your teacher for more details if you would like to enter!

Year 2 - Making a space map in Sycamore Tree

Today we combined our Humanities and Computing lessons to create space maps for our Beebots.

We started the lesson by learning positional language such as forward, backwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn and full turn. We also recapped our learning on compass points by recalled the saying, “Naughty Elephants Squirt Water”.

Can you make up your own pneumonic to help you remember?

We then directed each other around the room to travel from 'Earth' to 'Space'.

After this, we drew our own space maps on a grid by drawing our favourite space objects and planets. We then input directions into our Beebot to direct it from start to finish.

Finally, we wrote instructions and challenged our friends to follow them!

Year 2 - Abstract Artists in the making!

Recently, in Year 2, we have been studying the artist, Peter Thorpe. He liked to paint rockets using bright colours on dark backgrounds. We have been inspired by his artwork and today we had great fun paint flicking to create our own backgrounds based on Peter Thorpe’s art style!

Next week, we are creating torn paper planets to place on our backgrounds then we will add a pastel rocket! Look out for our art masterpieces across the next few weeks!

An aerial view of Sycamore Class

We have been continuing our learning about Space and our Solar System.

We have learnt about the different planets in our solar system and made up chants to help us remember the order of them! 

Did you know there are 8 planets? Pluto used to be a planet but it isn’t anymore! 

Can you find out what it is classified as now?

We then looked on the NASA website and learnt about satellites by looking at aerial photographs of the Earth which were taken from space. We found it tricky to understand what an “aerial view” was so we took our very own aerial photo of Sycamore class!

We then explored different aerial view photographs taken from space and tried to use our knowledge of continents to locate specific counties. We managed to spot all seven continents by looking at the shape of the land! 

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Lego Man come to High Street

This term, in Year 1 our topic is London: Bright Lights, Big City. Today a truckload of LEGO was delivered to High Street and the children in Year 1 built their own city. Great fun was had by all!!!!