Sunday, 30 June 2019

Scooter Stand at High Street site

This is the scooter stand on the High St site. As you can see we are having quite a few children now coming to school using a scooter. 

Not only is a fun and healthy way to come to school, it also reduces the number of children being brought to school in a car, which as we know cause so much air pollution here in London.

Gold Award for Gardening!

On Thursday Jim, a judge from the London Children's Flower Society, visited the garden at the High Street site. 

He met with a group of children who showed him around the garden and spoke to him about all of the flowers, vegetables and fruits that we had planted this year. 

Jim has been a keen gardener all of his life and shared lots of his knowledge and top tips with us. 

He was so impressed with all of the effort and hard work that the children have put into the garden this year that he gave us a GOLD award!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Year 6 Reward Trip to Brighton

Based upon their exceptional behaviour during Year 6, fifteen children were chosen to go on today's Year 6 Reward Trip to Brighton. 

The weather was absolutely gorgeous; bright blue sky and plenty of sunshine!

Although initially unsure due to the water feeling a bit cold, the Year 6 children soon overcame their fears and took full advantage of the sea. It was just a bit tricky walking on those stones!

After the beach the children walked along the pier and then had an ice-cream in the shade of Brighton Pavilion. 

The children behaved impeccably throughout the day (as usual) and all had a great day at the seaside.