Friday, 23 November 2018

WE Org Visitor - working with Funding Raising Group

This morning we had Tracy Lomanga, who is a Speaker and Facilitator from the WE Schools Organisation. Members of our Fundraising Community Partnership Group spent part of this morning with Tracy discussing ideas for the next fundraising event here at school. After brainstorming various ideas the children needed to close their eyes, listen to the suggestions and vote for the idea which they felt was the most worthy.

WE Schools is a unique, four-step program—delivered in more than 14,500 schools across the UK and North America—that challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion and then empowers them with the tools to take action.
The WE Schools program provides teachers and students with curriculum-matched lesson plans, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas. Through WE Schools, students gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like hunger, poverty and poor access to education, and explore what they can do to help. They also plan at least one local and one global action to improve their community and the world.

For more information regarding the WE Organisation, please go to:

MW Achievement Assembly

Congratulations to the children who were recognised today in our Achievement Assembly. 

 Years 3, 4 & 6

Year 5

Nursery - Teddy Bears' Picnic

We were excited to bring our bears from home, to the teddy bears' picnic in Forest School. We made jam sandwiches which we fed to our teddies. We read a story about a teddy bears picnic and sang lots of different bear songs.

We made two ramps to walk over using natural resources. We needed good balance so we didn't fall off.


We are sad to say goodbye to the fantastic dinosaur boxes that were decorating our classrooms in year 3!

The children worked extremely hard at home to design a shoe box filled with dinosaur wonder! Now that our topic is changing to Egyptians, we have sent them back home for the wall of pride but here they are on the blog to stay! Amazing efforts- thank you parents and children! Take a look for yourselves at all their hard work!

Year 3 - Isis and Osiris! A tale of good vs evil!

Year 3 have been enjoying the story of Isis and Osiris, linked to our learning on Ancient Egypt.

As part of our English sessions, we have been working together to re-enact the story to help us with our writing! We used freeze frames to recreate scenes from the story, thinking about what each character might be saying at each point in the story!

Ask us at home and I bet we can re-tell the story to you really well in our own words!

World Children's Day 2018- Take Action!

Today is World Children's Day: on this day, many people and organisations around the world take the opportunity to reflect on how we can improve children's access to their rights worldwide.

Unicef are leading a campaign to put pressure on world leaders so that they commit to making sure every child in the world has access to their rights.

"Children have their rights denied every single day. We want to build a world where every child is in school and learning, safe from harm and able to fulfill their potential, and we know you do too. It's time to put children back on the agenda.

Sign the petition (follow the link below) and #GoBlue to call on world leaders to commit to fulfilling the rights of every child and acknowledge that these rights are non-negotiable."
In Elm, we wrote our own wishes for children around the world and used the hashtag #GoBlue to support Unicef's campaign- what would your wish be and why?

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Bannockburn Bistro at Manor Way

Congratulations to the four children who were invited to the Bannockburn Bistro at Manor Way. All four children were chosen after exhibiting such lovely manners each day in the dining room at lunchtime.

Always Club at Manor Way

Every Friday two children from each year group are invited to Always Club. The children are chosen because they have shown many of our School Values throughout the whole week. 

This week the children sent the afternoon getting crafty in The Woodlands Room, making collages with tissue paper.

Achievement Assemblies this week

Well done to the many children who were celebrated in our Achievement Assemblies across both sites this Friday.

High St site

Manor Way site

Reception - Wonder Writers in Cherry Tree!


In Cherry Tree Class we have been working really hard to practise our number and letter writing. In our lessons we have been learning special rhymes to help us remember the correct way of writing them and have used our independent learning time to have a go by ourselves.