Sunday, 30 April 2017

Manor Way Site - Images from the Past

Look how things have changed at Bannockburn Primary School. 

The photograph below shows a class of children on the Manor Way site from 1923. Notice that the children are placed in rows; the rows at the back are higher than those at the front. 

Each week the children would be tested on their reading, writing and arithmetic (The Three R's). Those children who achieved the best scores would be seated at the back, on the highest row of seats. Those children who achieved the lowest score would be seated on the lowest row right at the front. This type of organisation is where the expression, 'Top of the Class' comes from.

Achievement Assemblies - 28th April 2017

Congratulations to all the children who were recognised in Friday's Achievement Assemblies across both High St and Manor Way.

High Street Site

Manor Way Site

Nursery - Physical Development Stay and Play

We invited parents/carers to stay and play. The focus for the session was 'Physical Development'. We had various activities to teach the children how to be healthy and physically active.

Using tap-tap to develop our fine motor skills.


We made traffic light sandwiches using tomato, carrot and lettuce for the filling.

We made a healthy dinner, looking for healthy foods to stick on our plate.

We sang action songs and danced with Miss Dadds.

In the Forest School we used our gross motor skills for various activities.

Nursery - Hip Hip Hooray for Superworm!

We had been making props to support our role play. We made superhero hats and Miss Dadds gave us a superhero cape to take home.

In the Forest School we created our own magic potions to help save Superworm. We found natural resources and mixed them together, singing our Superworm chant.

Bannockburn awarded Sing Up GOLD AWARD!

We are really pleased to announce that Bannockburn Primary School has been awarded the Sing Up Gold Award.

The award recognises the schools contiuned commitment to making singing a central part of school life.  To achieve the award we had to submit lots of evidence to show all teachers and children taking part in singing activities, and the report gave a special mention to Jaydeep in Lemon Tree and Archie and Daniella in Year 2. 

Thank you to everyone for all their cooperation and effort.

Year 2 - Discovering Oceans

Cedar class have been researching about the world's oceans. We used iPads to investigate the differences between the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean. We were even able to use Google maps to explore pictures of each ocean and where in the world we would find them.

Year 6 - swimming lessons

Some of Year Six have started swimming lessons this term and we are loving it!
For some of us, we have not been swimming before so it is very exciting. Some of us are moving to the deep end next week- keep posted to hear how we get on!

Year 6 - Reflections on our Successes

As we are getting ready for SATs, we have been reflecting on our achievements over the year. We have achieved so much and learned so much about ourselves as learners.

"This year I have realised that I need to believe in myself much more because I know I can achieve so much. I feel so proud of myself from getting this far and I feel that in the future I will be able to enjoy success in whatever I choose to do. I feel proud of my school and the contribution I make towards it."
-Year 6 pupil, Aspen

"I feel great about myself as a learner this year because I have learnt so much and I have improved my behaviour for learning lots. I feel successful and proud of myself and I enjoy sharing my learning with my family. I have some really good friends at school and the adults at school help us to solve problems when they happen."
-Year 6 pupil, Aspen

"I feel great as a learner at Bannockburn and I'm proud of myself for focusing on my learning and giving 100% effort every day. I know that I'm ready for new challenges at my secondary school and I'm prepared for what comes next-I'm going to be a great student! I've made a lot of progress this year and I know it's because I have put so much in and cooperated with other learners."
-Year 6 pupil, Aspen

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Monday, 24 April 2017

Bannockburn Bistro - Manor Way site

Our latest invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro on the Manor Way site; chosen for their impeccable manners throughout the week at lunchtime.

Achievement Assemblies - 21st April 2017

Take a look below to see who was celebrated in our Achievement Assemblies on both High St and Manor Way sites.

High St site

Manor Way site

Year 5 Music - The Magical Firebird.

Year 5 continued their journey through musical time today by starting to look at The Firebird, by Igor Stravinsky.  We broke the music down into cells and began to learn fragments of tunes and rhythms.

We also acted out some of the story, reacting to the music that other children in the class were playing.

Nursery - Forest School Construction

Whilst in the Forest School at Manor Way, we collected sticks and twigs of different sizes. We used our imagination to create a variety of constructions. What would you make? Here are some ideas...

 A house. A bonfire.

 A face.
A racing car.
 A person.