Monday, 26 April 2021

Year 5 Active Maths

The children in Year 5 have been using their times tables knowledge this week to compare and order fractions. 

Each class displayed great teamwork and cooperation as they worked together to order several different sets. This included successfully ordering fractions which had to be converted into 108ths. 

Very impressive!

Alphabets - Year 5

In Reading, Year 5 have been learning about alphabets different to English. We learnt that some alphabets have less or more characters than the English alphabets, some language use symbols and some languages are read from right to left. We really enjoyed hearing about the different languages that the children in Year 5 speak.

Are you able to read an alphabet other than English?

Earth and Space - Year 5

Our new Science topic is 'Earth and Space'. This week we have investigated the scale of the Sun, Earth and Earth's moon. We used physical objects in the playground to understand their sizes and the distance between them. Some of us were very surprised at how large the sun is and how far away it is from Earth!

In this photo, the chocolate box represents the Sun and the Blu Tack represents Earth.

Gardening at High Street

 We have had a very busy week working together to care for our garden!

We began by planting petunias and marigolds. The children in Year 2 have been learning about parts of a plant and how plants grow so were very excited to see the roots on these. The seeds in our potting shed have started to germinate too and we check them everyday to see how they are growing and changing. We planted spring onion, carrot and beetroot seeds and are always watering!

Perspective Art - Year 5

We have been practising our skills in drawing 3D objects. This week, we learnt about horizon lines and vanishing points. Are you able to have a go at drawing 3D shapes?

Titanic Day - Year 5

Year 5's Titanic Day was a huge success! We discovered so much about this famous vessel, which tragically sank in 1912, and are looking forward to our new topic this term.

Some of the activities we did were:

- Making a 3D porthole 

- Immersing ourselves in the emotions felt by the passengers before and during the short voyage

- Investigating the different types of tickets and experiences that people would have had

- Discovering some of the reasons why people chose to travel on the Titanic

- Generating figurative language to describe the ship, sea and iceberg

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Goalball in Year 5 #pe #physicaleducation

This week we have been learning about the Paralympic sport, Goalball. 

We started our learning by looking at different images and watching videos of goalball athletes. We then discussed the formation and rules. 

Before we started using the balls, we played a game of “detective” to help us tune into our senses. We found it much harder to locate the original sound starter when we had our eyes covered! 

We then worked in small groups to use our hand- ear coordination to locate the moving object. 

Monday, 19 April 2021

Merit Certificate Winners

Congratulations to the children who received a Merit Certificate last Friday due to their positive choices here in school. Please see below a selection of the children who were celebrated...