Monday, 27 November 2017

Achievement Assembly at Manor Way

Congratulations to all those children who were celebrated in Friday's Achievement Assembly on the Manor Way site.

Always Club at Manor Way - Den Building in the Forest School

Year 4 children were invited in to Forest School for this week's Always Club on the Manor Way site.

They braved the chilly November air to look for suitable bits of wood to use to make a den.

The children decided that some wooden pallets would make perfect walls for the structure. To make sure they were stable, they slid small sticks between the wooden slats to lock them together.

Once the walls were sturdy, the children found longer sticks and branches to lay over the top of the walls to provide a roof and to help brace the walls.

Once completed, the children enjoyed some hot chocolate inside their den!

ShoeShare Fundraising Campaign for International Education Week

Thank you to everyone who bought in their old and unwanted shoes last week during our celebrations for International Education Week.

Both Manor Way and High Street had an amazing response and so the KS2 Fundraising Team had a very tough job of sorting through and counting up all the pairs of shoes!

Here is the final pile.. any idea how many shoes there are?

The grand total was 1040 shoes - so that's 520 pairs!

This is an amazing amount and so Miss Ansell, Mrs Britton and Mrs Ahrens would like to thank you for helping us raise money with Clarks and UNICEF to help improve children's education all over world.

Year 2 Beech Class - Mini Chef

Beech Class made a vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese this week. We had to make sure our hands were washed and that we chopped up the vegetables  carefully. We were able to mix the vegetables together and add lentils, tomatoes and vegetable stock to make the sauce.




Year 2 - Visit the London Symphony Orchestra

Year 2 went on a visit to the Barbican Theatre to watch the London Symphony Orchestra. We travelled by train and tube to get to the theatre. We got to help them to perform the story of  A Cat Called Scratch by singing along with the instruments. We got to hear each section of the Orchestra and learn all about the different instruments.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Year 5 Transfer to Secondary School Mtg

On Monday 20th November the school held its annual Year 5 Transfer to Secondary School Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to explain the administrative process of choosing the right secondary school for starting in September 2019. It was also great to see representatives from both Plumstead Manor School and Woolwich Poly, who each gave a short presentation about what their schools can offer our Year 5 pupils in September 2019. 

The presentation is now available on the school website inside the PARENTS folder.

Nursery - Messy Stay and Play

Nursery parents and carers had the opportunity to stay with their child and play alongside them in the indoor and outdoor environments.The focus for the session was ‘Messy Play’. Messy Play is an important part of early years provision and has a valuable place in young children’s learning and development. 

Reception - What's the time?

This week in Pear Tree we have been thinking all about the time. We first thought about the different places that we could find the time; on a clock, on mobile phones, on tablets and even on laptops. 

Next, we looked at the different numbers and what the hands did, looking carefully at the size difference between the hour and minute hands. 

From this, we looked at o'clock times; we even looked at how to make 'half past' times!

However, the most fun we had this week was making our own watches. Take a look below.

Greenwich Netball League

Miss Dadds took eight children from Year 5 and 6 to represent the school in the first round of the Greenwich Primary Schools' Netball League. We played three games against St John Fisher, St Thomas a Becket and Alexandar McLeod. We drew all three games 0-0, giving us 9 points into the next round. The children demonstrated outstanding defensive skills to ensure the other team didn't score. We will be practicing our movement and shooting skills at Netball Club which runs after school on a Tuesday. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Year 6 Aspen Group - Number Sequences

This week the pupils in Year 6 Aspen have been improving their number sequence skills in Mathematics. On Wednesday the children logged on to the BBC Bitesize website to have a go at some number sequence games. 

Have a go yourself at working out the missing numbers in the number sequences below.

4, 8, 12, __, 20, __, __, 32, __, __, __

42, 38, 34, __, __, 22, 18, __, __, __

2, 5, 8, 11, __, __, 20, 23, __, __, __

1, 4, 9, 16, __, 36, 49, __, 81, __, 121

Monday, 13 November 2017

Achievement Assembly - Manor Way

Congratulations to all those pupils who were recognised in the Manor Way Achievement Assembly on Monday 13th November.

ShoeShare Fundraiser for International Education Week - we need your old or unwanted shoes!

Year 2 - Money, Money, Money

In Year 2 we have been investigating money. We have explored the different coins we can use to make a given value and how we can use coins to buy items. We got to go on a money hunt and had a trip to the local shop to buy items for our classes.