Friday, 28 September 2018

Having Lunch Together

One of the really nice things about lunchtime is that various members of staff have their own lunch amongst the children. Today, Mr Griffiths (Music) and Mrs Townson (Y3 Olive) were enjoying a healthy school lunch on the Manor Way site.

MW Bannockburn Bistro

This week's invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro on the Manor Way site.

Achievement Assemblies at High St and Manor Way

Well done to all the children who were celebrated in today's Achievement Assemblies across both High St and Manor Way.

 High Street site

Manor Way site

Junior Leadership Team

This week Mrs Seaton met with Junior Leadership Team members from both KS1 and KS2, where they shared feedback and comments from their classmates and friends about different topics related to our school and the local community.

Well done and thank you to our two team members who took the minutes today.

The JLT represent your class' voice, so if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions, let you class JLT reps know and it will be raised at our next meeting.

Parent Forum 26.09.18- Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Parent Forums yesterday- 'Maths Across the Year Groups'. It was great to see so many of you and we hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did!

Look out for our 'Learning Together' workshops for Maths:

Years 3/4- Tuesday 2nd October 3.30-4.30 @ MW site

Years 1/2- Tuesday 9th October 3.30-4.30 @ HS site

Sport at Bannockburn

Some of us have been enjoying training with a visiting sports teacher from St Paul's Academy and our sports coaches to develop skills in football. We are working towards an inter-house football competition so we have been really focused! We have been working hard to show our school values of teamwork and co-operation too.

Sport at Bannockburn

Our first all-female football 5-a-side teams getting
 ready for action on our astro-turf pitch!

Year 5 Music

Year 5 have been going on a journey back in time to find out about composers and music from centuries ago. So far they have learnt about famous local boy, Thomas Tallis, and played some of his music on the xylophones.

This week they looked at the way music can be structured, and how a couple of simple ideas can be made into a long piece of music. 

We turned these ideas into a dance called a Minuet.

European Day of Languages 2018

This week, to celebrate European day of Languages on 26th September, different classes have been sharing their experiences of different languages and discussing how useful and important they will be in their future lives.

All classes have undertaken surveys to find out just how many languages are currently spoken in our school, and the results are now proudly displayed on our classroom doors, showcasing our diversely multicultural and multilingual school community.

In Year 5 we had a special EDoL lesson, where , among doing lots of languages-based activities, we also watched a video of a spectacular 4 year old Russian polyglot - do you know what a polyglot is?

Watch the video link below to find out....

We also had some great discussion and debates about languages, with some very insightful comments.

"It shows that now matter how young or old you are, you can learn languages" - Year 5 Rowan Tree pupil

"It inspires me to learn more languages" - Year 5 Rowan Tree pupil

"When you can speak someone's language, like sign language, it can make them feel like they are part of something" - Year 5 Rowan Tree Pupil

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Year 5 & Year 6 Maths Workshop for Parents

After school today Mr Williams and Mrs Stone led a special Maths workshop for all parents/carers with children in Years 5 and 6. The purpose of the workshop was to show people at home some of the strategies we teach the children addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in school. This then allows parents/carers to support their children. 

Mr Williams also talked about how to use the online app, Mathletics, and a general overview about what happens during SATs Week. 

We had a huge turnout of parents/carers which was really lovely to see. On leaving, many said how useful they found the workshop and asked if there will be anymore in the future!

Greenwich Food Bank - donations

This morning we drove the school mini-bus to Eltham to deliver all of the donations everyone kindly gave to the Greenwich Food Bank Appeal. 

The donations were greatly received by a gentleman called Stuart. He explained that the number of donations has been lower than usual at this time of year, particularly for basic toiletries, such as toilet rolls, shampoo and soap.

Stuart explained that volunteers at the food bank warehouse in Eltham divide up the donations into boxes; small boxes for people living on their own and couple; larger boxes for families. These boxes are then transported to various distributions centres around the Greenwich Borough.

We managed to donate a massive amount of items, so everyone at school would like to say an equally massive thank you.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Today's Harvest Assemblies

This morning across both High St and Manor Way sites the children celebrated food and the importance of having fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables in our daily diet. We even had some of the teachers and pupils doing our very special 'Ready Steady Cook', creating fresh delicious meals using some of the vegetables we have grown in the vegetable patch on the High St site.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Parent/Carer House Team Representatives

                                                       Parent/Carer House Team Representatives.

As you may be aware we asked for 2 parent volunteers from each House Team across every Year Group to be involved in helping out at key events throughout the year. This role will involve helping out at key events throughout the year i.e. Summer & Christmas Fairs and supporting Families at Bannockburn in organising and planning events. As volunteers, you can also help boost the house points for your children’s team!

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered so far, however, there are still some gaps, so we are asking again for your help. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Bannockburn community, please could you contact the school office. 

We would like to be able to communicate with House Team Parent Representatives via email using our new house team email addresses, so if you currently volunteer or are interested in volunteering, please could you complete the form below, confirming that you are happy to be contacted and for your email address to be shared in group emails with other members of the House Team.

Please note, once shared, the email address used for contacting House Team Parent Representatives is solely for arranging events and sharing ideas, not as a way of contacting your child’s teacher for any other reason.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Ford

Bannockburn Bistro at Manor Way

Today's invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro on the Manor Way site.

Bannockburn Trio Reach the JLC Semi-Finals

Way back in March a number of children from Bannockburn took part in round 1 of the Junior Language Challenge, a competition run by Utalk to raise money for the children's charity One Billion. After lots of hours of studying Spanish in their spare time, 3 competitors, Karan, Meltem and Natalia, got through to the second round, where the new language to learn and be tested on was Khmer - do you know which country this language comes from?

On Friday 14th September the children, their families and Mrs Seaton visited Cranmore School in Horsley for the live semi-finals, where they competed in a tense but thrilling live Khmer language challenge against 40 other children from schools across the South-East of England. 

Whilst they narrowly missed out on places in the top 10,  we are all extremely impressed by their newly acquired language skills and are very proud of their amazing efforts.

Well done everyone!

Achievement Assemblies

Congratulations to all the pupils who were celebrated today for their achievements this week in our Achievement Assemblies across both sites. It was great to hear that many of these achievements were for perseverance when learning tricky new concepts and also how children are trying to support their peers, both in class and on the playground. Well done everyone!

 High St site

Manor Way site