Friday, 27 November 2020

No Pencil Day in Year 5 Maple Class

Yesterday, we celebrated No Pen(cil) Day in Year 5 Maple Class. We spent the day deep in discussion, getting creative and exercising! 

Instead of our usual early morning work, this morning, pupils were given a limited range of resources such as card, paper, rope and glitter and were told to get creative! They had just 20 minutes to create their very own Grendel’s Lair (from the text Beowulf) using whatever they had on their desk. 

Next, we had PE where we continued to develop our badminton skills. This week, we got the nets out and practised serving the shuttlecock over the net using the grips we had previously learnt. 

We then completed our Daily Mile and not a single pupil stopped - we were very proud of that achievement.

Once back in the classroom, we had a discussion about the language used to describe Grendel’s lair in our Guided Reading lesson. We are really enjoying describing the sickening swamp and the sea-serpents. 

We had our Art lesson where we continued our learning about the famous artist, Keith Haring. 

Today, we created our very own stamp using foam board. We used our stick figures from last week, drew them onto the foam board and then carefully cut the stamp out. Once cut out, we repeated the process so we had two identical foam stick figures. Finally, we attached the foam to a piece of card to create a stamp. We will be using these next week to create our own art work. 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon discussing art in worship. We shared our own experiences of the artwork found in places of worship and discussed how particular religious art work is important to us. To finish our day, we created our own mosaic- inspired sketches.  




Mobility in Year 5 Maple Class

In our PE lessons, we have been learning a variety of mobility/ yoga poses and stretches. 

We started by learning a range of poses, categorising them into different groups based on the height level of the pose. 

Pupils then worked as a small group to create a sequence of stretches, taking a pose from each group to ensure our sequence had variety. 

In the follow lesson, the pupils learnt three different roles and discussed how they would smoothly fit in to their sequences. They then added two roles into their sequence to help them transition from one pose to the next. 

After practising the sequence and how to instruct others to do the poses, pupils then showcased their sequence to the rest of the class whilst they followed.  

Finally, pupils assessed each other on their demonstrations, verbal instructions and knowledge of the pose/ stretch. 




Christmas Card Competition

Calling all keen Bannockburn artists!

We have had an invitation from our local MP for Erith and Thamesmead, Abena Oppong-Asare, to join the Christmas Card competition that she has organised entitled, 'Portraits of Key Workers: Caring as a Calling’. The winning prize will be your artwork printed onto the cover of her official Christmas card as well as prizes for runners-up. 

Ms Oppong-Asare has requested that local schoolchildren should enter 'drawings of key workers which the children have a relationship with (e.g. it may be someone they know personally like their teacher or parent, or it could be someone that they may not know personally such as their bus driver or shopkeeper). Alongside the drawing, I would love a few sentences about the key worker and why they are special to the child. The artwork will be assessed by a judging panel and, should circumstances allow it, we are also planning to organise an exhibition of the artwork in the Houses of Parliament.'

The criteria to enter the competition is as follows:

1. The artwork must be A4 size (including the pupil’s name, age, class & school).

2. It must feature a Key Worker and be accompanied with a few sentences describing who the Key Worker is and why they are special to the child.

3. Pupils or teachers must scan or take a photo of the artwork and send via email to:

4. Submissions must be received by noon on Wednesday 2nd December.

5. In addition to the main prize, the winner and two runners up will receive book vouchers and a special gift from the House of Commons.

If you would like to enter this exciting competition, please either send your entry directly to the email address above, or if you prefer, you can send your entry into the school email address where we can forward it on for you. The school email address is

We hope you enjoy taking part!

Good Luck!

Science in Reception (Pear Class)

This week we have been enjoying some science experiments, especially the skittle experiment! The experiment had a focus on the Number 4 as it is our number of the week. 

The children worked in groups of 4 to predict what would happen to the skittles. They were surprised to see that all the colours made the water turn rainbow colours. 


Rights and Responsibilities in Walnut Class

Today in Year 3 Walnut Class we have been learning all about Right and Responsibilities. We learnt what both words mean and how we have both Rights and Responsibilities as children. 

We also learnt Miss Lacy has Rights and Responsibilities too :)

Have a look at our pictures below. We are creating posters for the classroom to remind everyone of our Rights and Responsibilities.


Today's Achievement Assemblies

Congratulations to all the children who were recognised in today's Achievement Assemblies across both High Street and Manor Way sites. This week Ochre House won the House Point Cup by gaining 147 house points this week!

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Year 5 - Computing and PSHE

As part of Anti-bullying week, Year 5 have explored the ways to help keep themselves, and others, safe online. We discussed the different online platforms that the children use and how to report any unwanted communication. The children were brilliant at sharing tips and listening to advice.

Art in Year 5 #creative

 This week we continued our learning about the famous artist, Keith Haring. 

Following from using tracing paper last week, we drew our own stick people based on different emotions. In order to do this, we worked in pairs to use our bodies to show different emotions. It was really important that we showed our emotions through our arms and legs rather than our faces because Keith Haring’s cartoons are faceless. 

Once we had drawn our stick people, we drew around the outline (almost like bubble writing) to create a cartoon figure. 

Next week, we are creating stamps from our drawings ready for our final piece.