Sunday, 29 April 2018

MW Bannockburn Bistro

This Friday's invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro were all chosen from the children who usually have a packed lunch for lunch. They were chosen for their lovely table manners throughout the whole week. Well done!

MW Achievement Assembly

On Friday 27th April Manor Way site had it's usual Friday morning Achievement Assembly. As we have so many pupils now at Manor Way, each week a different year group has their own Achievement Assembly in The Lodge, whilst the other year groups get together in the hall. This Friday it was Year 4's turn to have their own assembly. 

Well done to all the children who were recognised in our assemblies on Friday.

 Achievement Assembly (Years 3, 5 & 6)

Year 4 Achievement Assembly

Reception - High or Low?

Reception Music Lessons

Children in Reception have been looking at how music is written out. They have learnt how to read rhythms, and now are starting to explore musical pitch.

We are using Boomwhackers and bells to explore high sounds and low sounds, and looking at how written music shows high and low!

Do you think the big red Boomwhackers would make a higher or lower sounds than the small purple ones?

When music is written down, we use 5 lines called a stave. It is like a ladder. The higher up the ladder the notes, the higher the pitch. 

We also play a warm up game called the 'Elevator Song'.

Year 4 - Victorian Day

Year 4 has begun their exciting Victorian topic by taking part in a whole day of Victorian activities. The day began like any traditional Victorian school with the children declaring that they should be seen and not heard. Each child was given a traditional Victorian name to be used throughout the day and they all sat in rows, boys on one side, girls on the other, to really experience what it was like.

Speaking of traditionally Victorian, the children were shocked to find their teachers in authentic Victorian style dress, being strict in all their instructions!

For English, the children recited and hand wrote verses using 'slate' and chalk. In Mathematics, the children chanted times tables. Then, they had home-economics where the children divided by gender; the girls made lace and the boys built houses. The girls were not impressed with the injustice!

The day finished with gathering research on how England changed as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

The day was great fun and we really enjoyed all the effort that children put into their costumes!

Year 2 - Parts of the body

Year 2 have been learning about the human body during their Science lessons. The children got to compare a healthy and unhealthy x-ray and identified the parts of their bodies. They have looked at different skeletons and discussed the importance of keeping their bodies healthy.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Bannockburn Netball Team

Just before the Easter holiday a team of eight players from Years 5 & 6 participated in a local inter-school netball competition against some other primary schools in the local area. 

The children tried really hard and managed to reach the finals for the Netball Plate Trophy. After some very tense games the Bannockburn team managed to get to the finals and Ben scored a goal that meant we won the final 1-0. Bannockburn won the silver plate! 

Another player, Kenny, was awarded the Sportsperson trophy for the entire competition. 

Well done to all the players and to Miss Dadds in Nursery who acted as their coach.

Bannockburn Netball Team 2018

MW Bannockburn Bistro

This Friday's invitees to the Bannockburn Bistro at the Manor Way Site, chosen for their excellent table manners throughout the week.

HS & MW Achievement Assemblies

Congratulations to the children across both High St and Manor Way who were recognised in the first Achievement Assemblies of the Summer Term.

 High St Site

Manor Way Site

Year 6 sunshine revision session

Year 6 are working extra-hard after the holiday because we have our SATs tests coming up next month. Today, we have been enjoying soaking up the sunshine while we practised some maths skills. We were making sure that we could multiply a number with one decimal place by an integer e.g. 4.8 x 97. Do you know how to do this calculation?

Try these to test your own skills:

3.4 x 76 =

8.3 x 59 =

6.8 x 37 =

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Book Quiz - Summer Term 2018

On Thursday 24th May Bannockburn Primary shall be hosting the Summer Term Book Quiz. 

This is an excellent excuse to bury yourself into a good book over the next coming weeks and share your knowledge and expertise of the story. 

The Book Quiz will be taking place straight after school across both sites, depending on the age of your child. 

Children will be encouraged to work in small teams to answer a selection of questions based around the two selected books. 

For children in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & Year 2) your books are:

For children in Year 3 & Year 4 your chosen books are:

For children in Year 5 & Year 6 your two books are:

These books are available from most good bookshops, online at Amazon or to borrow from your local library. More information will follow shortly via a letter from Mr Williams.

Good luck and happy reading!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Tennis for Kids - cheap lessons for children

Tennis for Kids offers children, aged 4-11, the opportunity to fall in love with tennis, by taking part in a 6 week introductory course delivered by specially trained and enthusiastic coaches, across the UK.

Tennis for Kids was once again a huge success in 2017, with the target of 20,000 children booking onto a course being achieved in less than 2 weeks of launch.

After an overwhelming response, the deadline for coaching applications has now passed. Thank you to all Coaches wanting to get involved in 2018!

The Tennis for Kids campaign launch will be in April 2018.

To take advantage of having 6 sessions for £25, please click on the link below: