Friday, 15 October 2021

There's no I in TEAM! - Reception Apple Class

 There's no I in TEAM!

Apple Class were working together to clean our playground, showing the value of co-operation. 

Good teamwork Apple!

Reception 'We're Going on a Lion Hunt'- Cherry Class

In Cherry Class (Reception) this week we have had a lot of fun acting out our new adapted stories of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. When adapting our stories, Cherry's new story was called 'We're going on a Lion Hunt'. We wrote our new story in a big book to help us tell the story and also made new actions to help us remember.

Here are some photos of the children acting out the stories in their 'Talk Partners'.

Reception - Bear Cave Game

The children in Reception Apple Class have been learning to play the most and least bear cave game. In small groups, the children waiting patiently to roll the dice. They had to put the same number of bears onto their ten frame as displayed on the dice. We discussed which cave had the most and least number of bears. We gave reasons for our answers such as, "David has the most bears because 10 is the biggest number."  You could try creating your own game using objects in your home. 


Reception - Perfect Puppets!

This week, Apple Class in Reception have been working hard to create their own 'Going on a Bear Hunt' puppets to put into their own story bags which they independently illustrated. 

The children listened very carefully to the instructions and followed each of the steps to make the puppets. 

  • We made snips in green card using scissors safely to represent the 'long wavy grass'. 
  • We blew bubbles in our paint and soap mix to make bubble paintings for our 'deep cold river'. 
  • We sprinkled soil onto our glued mud splat to make the 'thick oozy mud'. 
  • We glued a green triangle to a lollystick to represent the 'big dark forest'.
  • We sprinkled white glitter onto black card for our 'swirling whirling snowstorm'. 
  • And finally we drew an entrance on our arched cardboard to make our cave!

Junior Travel Ambassadors - Festive Card and Poster Design Competition

The Manor Way Junior Travel Ambassadors Team had their first meeting today; we started planning our strategies to improve the safety of our local roads, talked about the environmental and physical benefits of active travel and discussed how we can continue to promote safe and active travel to our peers and school community.

As you can see in the photos, we also designed our entries for the Elizabeth Line Festive Greetings card competition; you can enter too if you would like to - the details are below.

MTR Elizabeth line Festive card Competition 2021


In preparation for the festive period, Bannockburn are taking part in in an official Festive card design competition for MTR Elizabeth Line. MTR Elizabeth Line’s Managing Director and Customer Experience Directors will be selecting the winning design. The winning design will then be printed and distributed (via E-card) to all MTR employees and stakeholders, plus the winning design will also feature on a poster that will be displayed at a station close to school during the festive period. The child of the winning entry will also receive a number of prizes for their efforts.


There are 3 set themes that the organisers would like to be included in each entry please which are:

·         Festive, Wintery or 'Christmas' themes (Trees, Decorations, Lights, Santa & Elves etc)

·         Train/Station Safety messages (Stand behind the yellow line, no cycling etc.)

·         A purple & white TfL Rail Train to create a themed train (but not an Underground or steam train)

See below style/shape as an example


Please note, the organisers cannot consider designs which:

·         are station specific (so don not write any station names!)

·         have any 3D parts (e.g cotton wool, tissue paper, pop-up parts etc) – it must be 2D and flat on paper.


Please make sure the following details are written on the back of the sheet you submit

(for GDPR purposes only)


Child’s first name & initial of last name (e,g Emma S) ________________________________________________________________________________________

Child’s Age in years: ___________________________  Class Name: __________________

School Name: __Bannockburn Primary School________________________________


The closing date for all entries is midday on Friday 22nd October.

Any entries received after this date cannot be considered

for the competition.

Please give all entries to: Mrs Seaton at Manor Way

or Miss Brownless at High Street.

Year 6 Music - Questions and Answers

 Year 6 Musical Questions and Music Answers.

Year 6 have been working on their music reading skills; improvising skills AND composing skills.  

We have used the xylophones and used a Pentatonic scale to improvise over 8 beats.

We then used an existing rhythm to create a 4 bar phrase - adding note pitches to create a musical question and answer.

The picture has Mr Griffiths' version of a 4 bar phrase - the children created their own from this example.

Re-enacting Diwali Stories - Year 2

This first half of the Autumn Term in Year 2 we have been leaning about Hinduism. We have read the story of Rama and Sita and understand the Hindu belief that light conquers darkness and good conquers evil. 

This belief is why lights are lit at Diwali festivals and celebrations. 

This week we acted out the story of Rama and Sita as well as some other variations of it. Take a look below!

Maths - Double trouble in Year 2!

This week Year 2 have been exploring the 2 times table. We know that this times table doubles numbers. 

On Monday, we created some doubling butterfly art. We made sure that there were the same amount of spots on either wing in order to make sure the number had been doubled.

What can you try doubling at home?

Have a look at what we created below!

The Premises Personnel team turn detective!

The Premise Personnel Team spent some time on Monday afternoon checking the lost property for names in the hope of reuniting some items with their owners.

We found names in a few items which made a good start, and even found a Parisian beret that had been lost by a teacher- can you guess which teacher it belongs to?!

The Premises Personnel Team would like to remind you of the following:

Please label all uniform items and anything you are bringing into school with a name, ideally first and second name or even just first name and class.

Try not to leave items such as coats and water bottles on the playground; if you do, they will go into the Daily Trug which you can check through later in the day - it's kept outside by the Gazebo. At the end of the day anything left will then go into the official Lost Property basket.

Let's work together to keep our playground and school premises tody and organised!