Friday, 25 November 2016

Reception - The Great Reception Bake Off!

This week all of the Reception classes have been busy cooking a whole manner of different space themed goodies, from moon rocks to star biscuits. We thought about the importance of washing our hands beforehand and keeping safe around cooking utensils before mixing all of the ingredients together and cooking. It smelt delicious! Afterwards, we wrapped them all up and sold them to the parents... they were gone in minutes! All in all, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Year 2 Cedar Class - Web Spiders!

Cedar Tree Class have been learning how a search engine works. We created a re-enactment of how a search engine works in the World Wide Web using "Web Spiders" to travel and collect the information and order our results. We then researched King Charles II using our knowledge of search engines to make our search specific.


Year 2 Sycamore - 'Makey Makey Music'!

This week Sycamore became electrical musicians!
We used the 'Makey Makeys' as part of our Computing lessons to create music, using items around the classroom. Would you believe it but we found out that a banana can be turned into an excellent piano!


Year 1 - Governor Visit

Last week children in Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from some of our School Governors, including the chair of governors, Mr Robert Young. They came to see what we do during our Big Write sessions. The governors were brilliant at getting stuck in and asking us what we were doing and helping us to spell some of the adventurous vocabulary that was tricky to spell.

Year 6 Reward Trip - The Science Museum

We had a brilliant day out at the Science Museum!
We visited the Wonderlab- it was really 'hands-on'! There was even an experiment where you had to slide down 3 different slides to investigate friction. The slides were made out of wood, plastic and artificial grass- which do you think was the fastest?

Year 6 Aspen Literacy - Speaking and Listening

Verbal Persuasion
Today we used our verbal persuasion skills to try to persuade our audience to agree with us. The topics we discussed included the statements 'Children should be allowed to vote', 'Everyone should earn exactly the same no matter what their job is', 'Anyone should be allowed to drive, even without a license' and 'Children should be allowed to do whatever they want'.

The language we used included:

Clearly, …






It is indisputable that….


Even though…., ….

No one could deny that…


Despite…., ….

Only a fool would think that….


Obviously, ...

Anyone can see that…


Everyone agrees that….






Year 2 Cedar Class - Mini Chef

Cedar Tree class learnt how to make vegetable lasagne. We learned the importance of washing our food before preparing it, different ways to safely chop the vegetables and prepare the ingredients. We had lots of fun mixing all the ingredients together and preparing a yummy lasagne to sell!

Year 4 Ash Class - Poetry

In Ash Tree, we have been finding out what makes a good echo poem. One of the important features is a question and answer, with the answer being a rhyme to the last word in the sentence.Here is work completed by Kaci-Lee, Jgor, Suvir and Beatris recognising rhyming words.

Year 2 Cedar Class - Computing

Cedar class have been exploring Computing through devices called Makey Makeys! We've been learning the names of the components, such as the Earth wire, the USB port and learning to set them up ourselves on a computer. This week we investigated which items we could use to create an electronic Piano keyboard! Our favourites to use were bananas and apples. We even made Miss Reilly's laptop screen move up and down by tapping a banana!

French - Cinema Reward Trip to see 'Gus, petit oiseau, grand voyage'

This week a group of 28 children from Key Stage 2 Bannockburn visited The Barbican Centre in London as part of a the IntoFilm Festival 2016. They watched a film called 'Gus, petit oiseau, grand voyage' and it was spoken entirely in French - although there were some subtitles to help! After having watched the film, the children furthered their learning by completing a French treasure hunt on their journey home.

After the children commented on how similar some French words can be to English like 'cinĂ©ma' 'famille'  and 'policier' - these are examples of cognates, words in foreign languages that resemble their English translations, so we can often guess the meaning. However, the children also met some "false friends" over the course of the day. These are words that we can try and guess but they actually mean something different,  like 'magasin' which, as the children discovered, in fact means 'shop' and not 'magazine!'

Nursery (Acorn Class) - A Lantern for Little Bear

Acorn Class
We continue to explore the story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear?' We have described the feelings of Little Bear throughout the story. Little Bear is scared of the dark and Big Bear gives him different sized lanterns for light. We made our own lanterns for Little Bear. The adults taught us how to use scissors safely.

Fire Brigade Visit for Sycamore!


As part of our Great Fire of London topic the London Fire Brigade came in this week to talk to Year 2 Sycamore Class about fire safety!
We learnt how to make emergency calls and how to exit a building safely in case of an emergency. We even got to play some games and asked our fire officer lots of questions! 
There's definitely some future fire officers in the making in Sycamore!


Year 3 - Can Chestnut Tree persuade you to travel to Egypt?

This week we have learnt about persuasive writing.

Miss Bethell is very impressed because our writing has been amazing! We have persuaded all the Year 3 teachers to visit Egypt next Summer.

Take a read of Nihaal's persuasive writing below...

What features of persuasion can you see in her writing?

Have you been persuaded to go to Egypt?

Achievement Assembly - Manor Way

A BIG congratulations to all the children who were recognised this week at Manor Way at Friday's Achievement Assembly!


Oak tree class have been learning compass point names in French this week! They have been really focussing on the pronunciation.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Bannockburn Bistro - Manor Way

Today's invitees at the Bannockburn Bistro, Manor Way. Children at Manor Way are chosen by the lunchtime staff based upon them exhibiting good dining room manners, such as saying 'please' and 'thank you', talking quietly, using a knife and fork etc. It is a real pleasure to be their waiter at lunchtime in the dining room and serve their lunch.
Mr Smales

Children in Need - Manor Way

It was great to see so many children participate in this year's Children in Need and come to school dressed up in spots or as Pudsey Bear. Many thanks for all your enthusiasm and support!

Achievement Assembly - Manor Way

Congratulations to all the children who were recognised in today's Achievement Assembly at Manor Way.

Year 2 - Makey Makey

Cedar class have been exploring Computing through devices called Makey Makeys! We've been learning the names of the components, such as the Earth wire, the USB port and learning to set them up ourselves on a computer. This week we investigated which items we could use to create an electronic Piano keyboard! Our favourites to use were bananas and apples. We even made Miss Reilly's laptop screen move up and down by tapping a banana!

Year 6 - Birch Tree Class know all about the roles of religious leaders!

Birch Tree played a GUESS WHO game to identify different religious leaders based on their roles.

Year 3 - Walnut Tree's Super Stained Glass Windows!

This week in Religious Education, Walnut Tree class have been looking at the different features of a Church. We have been working collaboratively in order to research the different areas and to find out the name and purpose of them. We decided to take a closer look at the stained glass windows you see in many Churches in England. We spoke about their purpose and we were able to use them to remind us of some of the stories from the Bible.  Walnut Tree then had a go at creating their own stained glass windows using tissue paper and black card.

We really enjoyed coming up with different designs!


Year 6 - Elder Class take on the Daily Mile Challenge!

Elder started their day in an enthusiastic mood due to the Daily Mile Challenge. Fifteen minutes of exercise really got the blood pumping! A great effort by all!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Year 6: The Science Museum Reward Trip

Year 6 Reward Trip to The Science Museum

On Monday 14th November, some Year 6 pupils and a handful of very lucky Year 5 pupils went to a brand new gallery at the Science Museum.

Wonderlab is an interactive gallery where we could explore, play and learn independently and lead our own learning. There were amazing resources and interesting ideas- even including an experiment using three slides!

"There were things I have never seen before- it's been an amazing day!"

"I've learnt so much and had a really fun day too; I really liked the chemistry experiments with dry ice!"

"I would definitely recommend this gallery to others- it is the best museum I have ever been to!"

KS2 - Google Expeditions Workshops

Google Expeditions visited us in Key Stage 2 today! We explored the Egyptian Pyramids, trekked through the Amazon, dived underwater to investigate shipwrecks and hiked the trails of the Mayan Ruins! We used virtual reality to explore all these places without leaving our school!

Children's quotes:
"This is so cool! It's like we're actually there"- Year 3
"It makes the learning fun and we haven't even left the room!" - Year 6
"I had so much fun! When can we do it again?"- Year 4
"Look! I can see a Turtle! It's above me!"- Year 5
And finally a quote from our visitor from Google, 
"I really enjoyed visiting the school. The enthusiasm was great and the children were so engaged!"- Fiona, Google Expedition Team.