Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Message from Website Provider

Message from CleverBox: Wednesday 28 February: Website Server Status

As you may be aware, we experienced a serious capacity issue with a number of our web servers, resulting in downtime for some of our schools. 

This issue was caused by the sheer volume of parents accessing your website at the same time. This spike in traffic led to an unprecedented demand on the server, and caused some sites to fail. We had already increased the server capacity to three times the size, in order to cope with the upcoming demand this morning. Unfortunately, despite this, a number of our sites still experienced downtime. 

In response to this failure, my team have been working with our hosting provider throughout the day to further increase the server capacity. Hopefully this will help to alleviate the problem moving forward. Unfortunately this update can take up to 48hrs to implement.

Although we appreciate that the school site is not the only method of communication with parents, we do understand the fundamental role it plays, especially in the inclement weather conditions.

Fairtrade Pupil Partnership Assembly

On Tuesday 27th Feb the Fairtrade Pupil Partnership Group presented an assembly at Manor Way on what it means to purchase items with the Fairtrade logo.

The children talked about the importance of farmers and other producers gaining a fair price for the crops they grow.

The assembly was oragnised by Mr Gardener (from Nursery) and Mrs Ahrens (from Year 4).

Snow Doesn't Stop the Learning at Bannockburn!

Even though we all woke up to snow this morning, Bannockburn managed to open up and it was busy as usual for learning. At break time the Manor Way children had a great time enjoying the snow out on the playground.

At 10:00am we all came together for a Singing Assembly to warm up our toes and voices!

Year 4 Trip to see the London Symphony Orchestra - The Barbican

London Symphony Orchestra

The Year 4 children braved the wind and snow on Tuesday to go and see the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Centre.  The orchestra played music to do with flight and air.  

You can find out more about the LSO here.

You can also find a link there to new school resources featuring some of our very own Year 6 children!

Nursery- Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we started exploring our new topic book, Jack and the Beanstalk.

We have been learning to order beanstalks by height, using the vocabulary 'tall and short'. 

Miss Dadds' set us the challenge to build a tall beanstalk in Forest School, working as a team. 

We enjoyed climbing up and down the beanstalk, making sure not to wake up the Giant.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Achievement Assemblies

Congratulations to all the children who were celebrated in this Friday's Achievement Assemblies across both High St and Manor Way sites.

 High St Site

Manor Way Site

Damson Tree visit the Tower of London

This week Damson Tree went on an exciting trip to the Tower of London. After an enjoyable journey taking in the sights of East London we walked excitedly around the moat and entered over a wooden drawbridge. The children were amazed to learn about the Tower's history as London's first zoo and enjoyed spotting animal sculptures around the grounds, some were surprised to discover the ravens were very much alive! The central White Tower was home to a fascinating armoury, including some very heavy old helmets. The dazzling crown jewels were guarded by real-life soldiers, who were so focused on guarding the crown jewels they barely moved while we took our photo with them! Whilst walking around the tower we also came across a lady of the manor, a knight and a lord. The Lord seemed bemused by our facial expressions, and so attempted to replicate them himself.

Reception - Pear Tree's most wanted!

This week in Pear Tree class we have been learning about our new book, Jack and the Beanstalk. We began by reading it, before we identified the main characters in the book. 

Next, we thought carefully about Jack, his mother and the giant. We read different describing words and decided which ones best described which character. There were some disagreements, however those that thought differently were able to explain why they thought the way that they did. 

Finally, we created our own wanted posters, where we drew pictures of the giant and wrote a mixture of words and sentences to describe what he looked, sounded and even smelt like!

Year 1 - Damson Drummers!

London Zoo's animal keepers were called to High Street this morning when a herd of elephants were heard rampaging around the music room. They were slightly disappointed to discover that the noise was in fact the enthusiastic drumming of Damson Tree class.

After learning about rhythm and beat over the past half term with Mrs Manser, the children were challenged to use their knowledge to create call and response rhythms on the drums including the note types walk, running, stroll and shhhh! While impressed with the thoughtful creativity displayed by the children, Mr Walsh has scheduled a hearing test for over the holiday for his poor ears!

Safer Internet Day 2018

This year the theme for Safer Internet Day was Create, Connect, Share. Across the school we took part in Safer Internet Day activities to promote creating a better internet for all. In Ks1 we created our own hashtags # to promote how we feel you should behave online.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Year 5 trip to Lesnes Abbey Ruins

On Thursday 8th February the Year 5 pupils walked across to the other side of Abbey Wood to visit the Lesnes Abbey ruins. The children were able to see first-hand the remains of the abbey, which was built in the time of Henry II, and found out more about what life might have been like for the monks who lived and worked there. In addition, the children had great fun practising their orienteering skills but working in small teams to find and construct faces made from PE equipment.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Achievement Assemblies - High St & Manor Way

Last Friday (2nd February) we celebrated lots of children across both High St and Manor Way sites who have been putting in an extra effort or shown one of our many school values. Congratulations to you all!

 High St site

Manor Way site

Nursery- Once Upon a Time....

The Nursery children had the opportunity to come to their nursery session dressed as a fairy tale character.  We had lots of characters including Kings, Queens, Princesses, Prince Charming, Knight, Little Red Riding Hood, Gingerbread Man and many more.

We took part in different activities linked to our themed day.

We used different collage materials to make a crown.

We made fairy wand fruit kebabs.

We pretended we were at the ball and danced elegantly with a partner.